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Creating Subdomains

Cpanel allows you to create sub-domains

Updated: January 25, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff
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Cpanel allows you to create and manage sub-domains for your web-hosting account

A subdomain is a "subsection" of your website that can exist as a subdirectory of your /public_html/ (document root) directory or your home directory

Subdomains use a prefix in conjunction with the domain name

If the registered domain name is, with the desired subdomain of "domain" would look like:
Or other examples might look like:

This type of Domain or sub-domain works just like a separate Domain Name. Even the Search Engines treat these as completely different domain names

You can also use subdomains to create unique user account or for a specific subject. This is useful if you have a blog, or any other type of website that uses a domain specifically titled for a user or subject

How to create subdomain in cPanel

Subdomains can point to different sections of your web-site. In order to create a subdomain in your cPanel account, please, follow the next steps:

1) Log in your cPanel

2) Navigate to the menu "Subdomains" under the "Domains" section


3) Enter the following details for your subdomain:

Subdomain: the name of your subdomain

Choose the domain you need to create a subdomain for from the drop-down menu

Document Root: the root directory for your subdomain ( for example, it can be /public_html/subdomain )

4) Click "Create"

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