Managing your Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

domain registration

Managing your Domain Name

Domain Control Panel

Now that you have successfully registered your domain name with RSH Web Services, you are entitled to our Domain Control Panel Services!

Change your domain registration WHOIS record quickly and easily.

If you move or change your e-mail address, this is where you will update your information.

You can access your Domain Control Panel by entering your full domain name, user name and administrator password.

If you forgot your password or did not receive it send us an email, the password will be sent to the address we have on record for the "Admin" of the domain name.

Areas that you can manage concerning your domain name:

Manage Profile

You may change your password, create or modify an additional username, or move this domain to a different ownership profile. You can restrict access for the sub-user to allow only certain records to be modified

Organization Contact

This is information about the company or entity which owns the domain name you are managing. Change company information here.

Admin Contact

This is the person or entity who is named as "authoritative" as related to decisions made for significant changes to your records.

Billing Contact

This is the contact responsible for billing issues with regard to this domain's registration. In order to avoid interruption in service, the registration fee must be up to date at all times. This record should be accurate in order to maintain renewal fees properly.

Technical Contact

This is the contact who is considered authoritative for this domain name as related to Web hosting, mail, and other DNS records. This is typically your ISP or Web Hosting Provider but it can be anyone you desire.

Manage Name Servers

Controls which ISP or Hosting company is designated as the primary/secondary name server. If you are unsure of how to use this feature, please refer to your ISP. You can add a user name and password to allow your ISP to get in and change your Name Servers for you if you li

EPP Code or Authorization Key

An EPP code is an authorization key provided by your old registrar and required by your new registrar to complete a registration transfer for a domain name. You can find this under "Extra's" in the control panel

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