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Updated: December 3 2019
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff
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  What is a VPS?

With a VPS, you open a world of new possibilities that would not be possible on shared hosting because of restrictions. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This refers to the partitioning of a physical server into multiple servers. In effect each one acts just like a dedicated server, you get all the features of a dedicated server but at a lower price. Each has its own operating system and each can be rebooted separately. These operating systems each receive a specific share of the resources of the physical server, no more and no less, they are isolated from each other such that one cannot interfere with another, if one VPS experiences problems or tries to use too much memory or CPU resources, it has no effect on the others. There are many advantages to selecting a VPS, the cost is less than a fully dedicated server and provides a great deal of freedom and flexibility over the limitations and restrictions of shared hosting. You are limited only by the capabilities of the VPS, so select one powerful enough to meet your needs. You can always upgrade later if you decide it becomes necessary

  Why should I choose VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server is the right choice for developers, web masters, resellers and simply for those who run resource intensive websites. We use XEN technology for virtualization that is why each VPS with us performs and executes exactly like an independent physical machine and therefore offers security and flexibility for your sites, independence from neighbors, full control of your hosting environment and power of dedicated server at an affordable price

  What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS?

You may consider the difference as the one between a dedicated server and usual shared hosting. With VPS you receive all the power of a dedicated hosting with the ability to have own set of services and customizable disk space. With shared hosting you have limited administrative access and can't customize software configurations while with VPS you can perform any actions from you control panel and don't need to contact technical support with every single request

  What control panels do you provide?

We provide WHM and cPanel as a control panel with any VPS package. Also you can install any other control panel software you need

  Is it possible to upgrade/downgrade my package?

Yes, it is quite easy to upgrade your VPS account and the process doesn't involve any downtime though all the downgrades are to be considered by our Management. Please submit a ticket with our Billing department with the request to change your VPS plan

  What software can be installed on my VPS?

Since a VPS is functioning like a dedicated server you can install almost any software products you want. You receive full administrative/root control of your VPS, therefore can set it up as you need. Though you would need to consider the physical limitations (disk space, RAM, CPU) of your VPS package. Also prohibited: Pirated/hacking software. Warez sites. Distribution of any copyright infringement materials. Any material considered to be illegal by the law. Child pornography. Spamming activity

  Can I order additional IP addresses for my VPS plan?

Yes, you can order another dedicated IP address at the price of $2.00 per month. Up to 4 additional IPs can be provided to VPS. To request additional IPs submit a ticket with our Billing department

  How long does it take to set up a new account?

New accounts are generally set up within 12-24 hours from the time we receive your order. Once an account is set up, an activation notice will be sent to you via email including your user-ID and password. You can begin uploading files to your new website

  Can other user activity influence my server performance?

No. Your virtual private server is completely isolated from other users

  If one of the users overuses the main server's resources, will it make my site slower?

No, it will not. We provide you with a kit of resources which guarantee your site up and running regardless of other users' activity

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