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Domain Name Forwarding

What is Domain Name Forwarding?

Domain forwarding or redirect enables you to use your new domain name to point to your current personal, a free hosting company or a business Website, without the costs normally associated with Web hosting.

How Does Domain Name Forwarding Work?
For example if you have a free personal web page with your current ISP or another type of free hosting provider (geocities or AOL for example) your Web address might look like this:

With our Domain forwarding service when someone types in your new domain name (that you registered with RSH Web Services) in the address window of their browser, it will then forward them directly to your website you have hosted some where else.

With our domain forwarding service we also provide our "URL Masker". With this feature only your new domain name will show in the address bar of your browser, not the URL that it forwards to.

If you change ISP's or Web host provider you can change your domain forwarding to point to your new website. No confusion to your customers because your domain name stays the same.

After your order your Domain contact us and we will set this up for you at no charge

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