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If you are not yet ready to create and put your website online we will "park" your domain on our servers absolutely free

With our parking Service your domain will be visible to the world with a "Coming Soon" page.
If you have already setup the DNS for the domain on our system, setting up the parking page will change the IP addresses of the domain name and www of the domain, (i.e. and to our server IP address while other data in the domain DNS remain the same.
When you are ready to get your site online you may do so at any time by updating your domain DNS information on our system

Examples of our Parking Pages

The "Parked Page" service is only available when using our name servers

If the domain is not using our name servers, you must change the name servers of the domain to ours:
Name Server:
Name Server:

After your order your Domain contact us and we will set this up at no additional charge

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