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seo website tune up

Is it Time for a SEO Tune Up?

Creating a Website is one thing, but making it a website that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other Search Engines will rank you in the search results can be a bit tricky. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and it is important that your website stay up to date with the latest SEO practices. If your website has not been updated or work done in the past year. Then it is time.

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RSH Web Services SEO Tune-Up is designed for those that need their web page Optimized for SEO. But are not yet ready to commit to a monthly contract or do not have the budget for a long term SEO program. Many businesses do not desire an extensive, long term, time-consuming SEO marketing campaign. Just a good tune up of key SEO factors and to make sure their website does not contain critical SEO and coding mistakes.

What our SEO Tune Includes

Website Load Speed

Page loading speed has become a critical ranking factor. Each second becomes more crucial, as data shows that every additional second means a greater chance someone will move on or go to someone else's website. We will show you before and after Google Website Speed ranking numbers.

Website Coding Errors

Search engines also have algorithms that check your website code and content for errors. This will also affect your SEO ranking. These algorithms change frequently, and they have certain guidelines and expectations on what they expect website coding should look like. We will check your code and deliver a report containing what is correct and incorrect on your website and what we can repair. If by chance some of your coding cannot be fixed due to the way your website was created, we will make recommendations for you.

Image Optimization

Large, under-optimized images will slow down your site speed, and drive people away. Research shows that if a website loads slower than expected, over 45% of visitors admit they’re likely to leave. Google states: Actual user behavior shows most people bounce after 3 seconds.

Image "alt" text added

"Alt" text is a piece of code that is intended to describe a picture, photograph, chart or any other image on a website. The "alt" text is not visible on your pages. It only appears in the source code of your website. "Alt" text is used by screen readers, mostly for the blind, to decipher what an image is about. It lets you specify an image description that is fed through an audio based prompter that tells the blind what is currently on that page. Because Google cannot exactly crawl images, Google uses alternative text as a focus when they are trying to understand what the image is about And will always rank pages with "Alt" text a little higher.

Broken Links

We will check for any and all broken links. This will include your pages, files, images, java, CSS, any and all element links. Fix and or delete where needed.

Create 404 Error Page

When you encounter a missing page, or with a typo error, you want to show a custom 404 Error page. This can look like a site map to your website, and for helping those find the page they are actually looking for.

Duplicate Content

We look for duplicated content or text. Wording already present within your website. All the major search engine may penalize you for this.

Metal Title

This could be one of the most important part of any website, A good Title. Example: This web page's title is "SEO Website Tune up" This tells you what this particular web page is about. This is exactly what Google is looking for. Short, sweet and to the point.

Metal Description

It is also essential to describe what your page is about. This is what people will see with the Search Engine results page describing your website and pages.

Metal Keywords

Google no longer uses these, but other Search Engines may, we make sure they will not be considered "Spamming of Keywords".

H1 - H6 Tags

When it comes to ranking the importance of certain text or keywords above other text. Google will use "H" (Header) text tags. Obviously H1 would be the most critical, then H2 and so on.

XML Site Map

Google, Bing, and other search engines will use Site Maps in an XML format to help with the crawling of all your web pages. This is important to have a current and complete XML site-map.

Robots Text file

A text file created to instruct web robots (search engine robots) how to crawl pages on their website. The robots.txt file is part of the robot's exclusion protocol (REP), a group of web standard that regulate how robots crawl the web, access and index content, and serve that content up to the Internet.

SEO Friendly Content

If we happen to come across content that we know will hurt your SEO efforts. We will let you know and at your approval make appropriate changes.

Mobile snapshot (how your site looks on mobile devises)

Mobile or Responsive Websites are just plain necessary. Some say the second most important factor for ranking, we will let you know how it views and if any fixes should be done.

Social Media check and fixed

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a powerful tool for any website owner or business. Most consumers look for businesses that have a Social Media website.

Starting at $149 for up to 5 pages

5 to 10 pages $199

10 to 20 pages $289 For larger websites please Contact Us for pricing

Contact Us to see if your website qualifies

Please Note:
FTP or cPanel access will be required to provide this Service
Your website will never be down, or out of service.

Our 18 Point Tune Up

Site Speed Optimization
HTML Optimizing
Html Coding Validated
CSS Optimizing
Image Optimizing
Images "alt" text added
Broken links
Create 404 Error Page
Duplicate Content
Metal Title
Metal Description
Metal Keywords
H1-H6 Tags Optimized
XML Site map
Robots Text file
SEO Friendly Content
Mobile Snapshot
Social Media links check and fix