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At RSH Web Services, we fully appreciate the value of quality design.

When we started back in 1997, our primary focus was on hosting.

After seeing a number of client websites featuring amateurish, non responsive, outdated designs we saw the need to expand our expertise.

After all great content will not save a website if visitors do not like the sight of it.

Today, our design team is ready to take on even the most ambitious, largest, complicated or even the simplest, personal design projects.

How you present your brand online says a lot about your company and how your website looks will have a huge influence on how visitors view your brand.

In this way, your website doubles as a digital storefront.

You will need to catch a user’s attention in seconds or you'll lose them for good.

Stunning, vibrant responsive designs allow you to catch the attention of visitors and guide them to quality content on your website.

   The Importance Of Mobile Friendly "Responsive" Website

Why Can’t I Just Build A Free or Cheap website like what you see with GoDaddy?

Sure you can, and it you are very knowledgeable in all aspects of this Internet business then yes we say go for it.

But building a competitive, fully functional website that converts leads into customers is a tall order.

Today’s websites must fully load in seconds, feature a fully optimized user experience,
be consistent with the search engines ever-changing guidelines and perform at full capacity on mobile devices.

Not making sure these minimal requirements are met diminishes your brand in the eyes of your customers
and could expose your site to penalties from search engines or both.

A potential big risk for these major problems just to save money on website development.

There are over 2 billion internet users in the world.

More and more the public is using their mobile device to surf the web.

And on an almost daily basis, we are seeing technology companies such as Apple, Samsung and Google launch new devices.

All these devices differ on one crucial thing; their screen sizes.

A professionally created responsive website design will add many benefits to your company.

With the increasing number of internet users there is a need for your website to adapt to various platforms.

All of or design and redesign services are response mobile friendly

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