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SSL Certificates

Provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an Internet browser. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the protocol which provides encryption over the "WWW" or Internet
One of RSH Web's top priorities is providing the best, secure and trusted web hosting solutions. Our latest project has been working with cPanel for better security for all our web hosting customers. This new cPanel includes an SSL certificate installed for all new domains, subdomains, and domains. If there is not an SSL certificate associated with newly added hosting accounts, cPanel will self-sign an Auto-SSL certificate, and install it for you.

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What is AutoSSL?

AutoSSL is the solution to one of the biggest problems that exists for every Website owner. With AutoSSL that issue is a thing of the past. There are no more forms to fill out. No more certificates to manually install. With AutoSSL your websites are automatically secured with a free, Domain Validated SSL certificate. Perhaps more exciting is the fact that your coverage will never lapse. At expiration time, a New SSL Certificate is automatically installed.

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Monthly, semi-annually and annually billing available
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Monthly, semi-annually and annually billing available

An average of 30,000 sites are hacked each day globally. Our security measures help prevent this and protect your website and investment. RSH Web Services offers DDOS protection (brute force defense), free and paid SSL certificates, ConfigServer Security and Firewall (most popular and recommended firewalls) and a number of other security features are already in place to help keep your site secure. All at NO additional charge to you.

Undecided and maybe worried about the move of your website. Nervous about doing the actual site migration by yourself? Don't be. In most cases, we can move your site for free. Just contact us to see if we can transfer you. A worry free migration. That means there's no more barriers for you to start using all of our website hosting resources. Isn't it about time you enjoy working with your Web Host again?

Just a 1-second page load delay has shown to impact your bounce rate, SEO rankings, and even your conversion rate! Our Managed SSD hosting packages are affordable and cost-effective solutions for those who want the benefits of superfast SSD drives. Our SSD hosting solutions have all the advantages with the additional performance of solid state drives and are up to 20X faster than the industry's "Standard" hosting platforms.

Choose a Domain Name for your website that looks as great as your work. It is vital that you make the domain name for your business something that is not too complicated, that represents your brand well, and that will help your audience to remember you. It's all about making a strong first impression. With over 100 domain name extensions, we are sure you will find one that works.

Since our launch in 1997, we've had a strong focus on providing the latest and best versions of the most popular development software. A short list of the development software available includes: PHP, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, Java, PostgreSQL, Python, PERL, Apache, Node.js, CSS, FTP/SFTP, cPanel, Softaculous, SSL, and Free SSL. Coding or Script Libraries Available with all RSH Web Hosting Accounts.

SSL F.A.Q.'s

What is an SSL Certificate?
An SSL certificate is coding on your web server that provides security for online communications.
When a web browser contacts your website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection.
It is kind of like sending a letter certified through the post office.

How can a SSL help my website?
SSL certificates inspire trust. Websites without SSL make it possible for hackers to intercept and read sensitive information that is being transmitted. This is called a man-in-the-middle attack and you will not know it happened until it is too late.

What does browser compatibility mean?
When a browser or operating system encounters an SSL or code signing certificate, it checks to make sure that the certificate is valid and trusted. An SSL certificate is trusted if it is signed by a "trusted" or pre-installed root certificate.

How can I tell if a web page is secure?
The Quick Answer - Look At Your Address Bar
You browser will confirm that it has made a secure SSL connection to a server in one (or more) of the following ways:
A web address using “HTTPS” (The extra “S”means it’s a secure connection.
Secure websites also show a closed padlock icon next to the address which you can click on for security details
And most Browsers will show warning signs when the connection is NOT secure. Red padlock, a padlock that is not closed, a line going through the Website's address, or a triangle on top of the padlock emblem.

What Is SSL or HTTPS
Make The Switch to HTTPS (SSL)

Ultimately implementing SSLs will help your Website be more secure for your visitors and a more inviting place to do business.

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