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With More Options and Better Performance. PHP is the fifth most popular coding language in the world. PHP is crucial to CMS Websites such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or countless others

PHP comes in handy in the management of any type of websites and also significantly decreases how much time will be needed to create a web app

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PHP is especially suited for the creation of dynamic web pages. This server-side scripting language offers web developers a large selection of instruments. PHP allows easy insertion of HTML code and connection to MySQL and PgSQL Databases

Along with Scripting Libraries. MySQL and support to run almost any PHP script on your hosting account

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Listing a few popular sites that run PHP

Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr, Friendster, Istockphoto,, WordPress, PolicyMantra, Mailchimp, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Harvard University, NASA, Business Insider, Princeton University, CNBC


Listing the many different programs or applications written with and for PHP

Image Galleries
Polls and Analytics
Project Management
Guest Books
PHPKode Guestbook
PHP Address Book
Customer Support
DB Tools
File Management
JS Libraries

More than 80% of all Websites are created using PHP

Any Size Site For Any Size Website

Customize your PHP version with PHP handlers. Easily configure the PHP environment with php.ini

Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate

We provide a free SSL certificate to protect your site with HTTPS. SSL certificates inspire trust between you and your users. And help your Google SEO ranking

User Friendly User Friendly

Easy to use PHP version switcher in cPanel, Wide range of PHP modules to work with

Free Domain Name Free Domain Name

Free Domain Name with any of our web hosting accounts. Or take advantage of our regular domain name registration discounts

Instant Content Updates Firewall Protection

All our hosting accounts include Firewall and DDoS Security Monitoring to secure your website against dangerous traffic, malware, viruses, and other digital threats

cPanel Easy to Use cPanel

The leading control panel. Manage all aspects of your website. Over 80 different features such as domains, email accounts, users, file manager and more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why are you not listed on those "Best Website Hosting Reviews" sites
Those are all paid affiliate websites. They get a commission every time some one signs up through their website. You will only see reviews of hosting companies that pays the most affiliate commissions. You can read more about this here

Is website speed really important?
Just a 1 second page load delay has shown to impact your bounce rate, SEO rankings, and even your conversion rate! Our SSD hosting packages are affordable and cost effective solutions for those who want the benefits of super fast SSD drives. And are up to 20X faster than the "Standard" hosting platforms

Can I transfer my Domain Name to your Hosting?
Yes, just let us know you are requesting a "Domain Transfer" and not a new domain. You should keep the service with your current provider while waiting to complete the transfer process. If the contact email on your domain has changed from the time you originally registered your Domain, you will need to contact the original Registering Company to make changes

How do I transfer my Website to your Servers?
If you have built your Website with a HTML editor, like Dreamweaver or NotePad++, You would upload your website files via a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. We have a built in File Manager that you can access with our cPanel. However, if your files are larger than 20 MB, we recommend using FTP programs, such as WinSCP or Core FTP

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