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PmWiki is a wiki based online system for collaborative creation and maintenance of Wiki sites. With a custom look and feel you can quickly change the appearance and functions of your PmWiki by using different skins and HTML templates. You can also create or modify your own templates. You do not need to know any HTML or CSS coding. Your web pages can also be left open to the public or restricted to small groups of authors for editing


Custom look and feel
Access control
Plugin architecture
User support
Page editing
Web Feeds
Site Map
Page table of contents
Images resizing
Nice URLs

The PMWiki Web Hosting Hosting Solution

Our Hosting packages are fine tuned, reliable, incredibly fast and are ready for you

Pro Personal

25 GB SSD Storage

Domain Name - Free

5 Email Accounts

5 Parked Domains

5 Sub Domains

1 Website

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$ 4.97 /mo

For Life!
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Pro Business

Unlimited SSD Storage

Domain Name - Free

25 Email Accounts

25 Parked Domains

25 Sub Domains

5 Websites

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No long term contract

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Pro Ultimate

Unlimited SSD Storage

Domain Name - Free

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Parked Domains

Unlimited Sub Domains

Unlimited Websites

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A Wiki is a website where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML interface more commonly known as a "Browser". Linking is done automatically on the Server side and all web pages are stored in a database. Sounds rather simple to use but a Wiki is a very unique way to collaborate information on the Web. And the New York Times is rumored to be made with a PMWiki. The addictive quality of this Wiki is that making pages is as simple as making a hyper-link to them. If they do not yet exist the page link will be followed by a hyper-linked question mark. With this Wiki it is very easy to update and create pages from anywhere there is a web browser available

RSH Web Wiki Hosting Services

Starting your PMWiki with our "Easy Install" Softaculous installation right with in your cPanel. The easiest way to install and set up your PMWiki website. Automatically receive notifications when a new PMWiki version is available. Log into your cPanel and update your installation so you always have the latest and the most secure version

Making your Wiki site safer with the latest security technologies, practices and SSL certs (HTTPS). For faster website speed we use Solid State Drives (SSD) on all our hosting plans. User apps auto-updates: Over 3 million CMS and Softaculous updates every year. Firewall security rules: 900+ WAF rules to fix zero day vulnerabilities

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See Specifications, Read Reviews and much more on every App available via the Softaculous Auto Installer

» cPanel Demo
Everything is simple and easy with the industry leading website control panel "cPanel"

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