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Built upon Silex with Symfony components

Bolt is built for speed

It is free - Open source and runs on PHP

Bolt CMS

Bolt WebSite Hosting

7 Reasons to make your Website from Bolt:
Lightweight - It has a “Do it as extension” principle which leads to a cleaner CMS core and more specialized extensions. Fast - Bolt is really performance, thanks to its light weight and optimized database queries. It also comes with an built-in cache system which can be used to cache generated thumbnails and even whole requests. Modern - Bolt uses well tested composer packages like Silex and Symfony components to ensure quality and stability. Clean - Bolt is written in object-orientated PHP, which leads to clean and maintainable code. Secure - Bolt depends on highly adopted PHP packages to ensure the most possible security and fast bug fixes. Flexible - Bolt has this concept of content types, which will let you define everything on your own. Each content type you create gets its own database table with all the columns you define. This leads also in a much cleaner and less blown database. Better Templates - Bolts uses Twig by default. It’s easy to use for beginners and provides good documentation. It also leads to cleaner templates because you can’t do dirty hacks as with vanilla PHP

Bolt Hosting

Do yourself a favor and try Bolt. It has a much smaller headache level than WordPress and some other CMS out there. Bolt's backend interface is fully responsive, so it works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones alike. Bolt is thoroughly documented. We're constantly working to improve the quality of the documentation, because a good and solid tool is nothing if you cannot tell your users how to use it well. Click here to read the documentation. If you miss a feature, look for an extension in the Bolt Store or ask in the Forum. There is always someone who will help out

Built-in search
Twig templates
Responsive / Mobile
Powerful ContentTypes
Flexible forms
Easy file and image upload
Modern HTML 5
Flexible taxonomies

The Bolt CMS Hosting Solution

Our Bolt web hosting packages are fine tuned, reliable, incredibly fast and are ready for you

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Setting up your Bolt CMS website with "One Click" Softaculous Installation though your cPanel. The fastest way to set up your website! You will automatically get an email notifying you when a new Bolt CMS version is available. Log into your cPanel and update your installation with a single click so you always have the latest and the most secure version

Making your website faster and safer with the hottest speed technologies and proactive security practices. SSD drives - For more speed we use Solid State Drives on all our Hosting Plans Latest speed technologies: Enhanced performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN. Free SSL Certificate - Providing Free SSL (HTTPS) certificates with each account. User apps auto-updates: Over 3 million CMS and Softaculous updates every year. Firewall security rules: 900+ WAF rules to fix zero day vulnerabilities

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