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Updated: July 27 2023
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Hidden Search Tips

Little Known Bing Search Tricks You Should Know

Find Exact Phrase

Search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with quotes: find this exact phrase.

Omitting Words

Omit words with the "minus" sign or the word "not" operators. For example, if you wanted to search for "Smartphones", but didn't want any results mentioning the iPhone, you use one of the following: smartphones NOT iphone or also smartphones -iphone

Find One Word or Another

Use the OR | operator to find pages that contain one word or another. For example, search for pages about Android or iPhone using one of the following: android OR iphone or android | iphone

Site Search

Use the site: operator to search within a specific website
For example: To do a search for "Bing" related content on RSH Web Services Website, use this query: site:rshweb.com bing


File Type's

Bing can search for files of a specific type using the filetype: operator. For example, search for PDF files about Bing with the following query: filetype:pdf bing

Pages Containing a Link to a File Type

Use the following query, and you'll get pages containing the words “public domain” that link to MP3 files: contains:mp3 public domain

Word Closeness

If you type a search such as “bing awesome,” you'll get pages that have the words “bing” and “awesome” anywhere on the page, even if they're far apart. Use the near: operator to restrict the distance between search phrases. For example, the following query only returns pages where the words “bing” and “awesome” are within five words of each other: bing near:5 awesome

IP Search

Use the ip: operator to search websites located at a specific IP address. Here is how to search Bing's current IP address: ip:

Specify a Location or Language

Use the loc: operator to specify a specific location. For example, the following query returns tourist attractions in the UK: loc:UK tourist attractions For a full list of location and language codes, visit Microsoft's Website


Use the feed: operator to find Web feeds that contain a word. You could use this to find blogs about a topic. For example, find feeds that contain the word “bing” with the following query: feed:bing If you don't want to find a feed itself, just a website that has a feed, use the "Hasfeed: operator" Hasfeed: apple

Get A Weather Forecast

You can get weather forecasts from the Bing search box by typing the name of the city followed by weather or forecast. For example, Washington DC forecast would give you the weather forecast for Washington D.C. Additionally, you can suffix units of measurement to get the results according to your preference. Washington DC weather celsius for example would give you the same result but in Celsius this time.

Calculations, Units and Currency Conversion

Key in the value or equation and the units, and Bing will give you the solution as the result of the search query. 220 km in miles would return 137.76. 3849 + 56987 = 60836. Similarly currency conversions and mathematical equations work just as well

Track Flights

You can also track flights. All that is required is the airline name and the flight number. Enter "flight status" in the search box, and Bing will prompt you for the airline and flight number. Key them in and click on get status to get the status of a flight

Limit Search Results To A Specific Country

Search engines by default provide you with an option to search only pages from your country. You can use the ‘loc‘ operator to achieve this. archeology loc:US for example will return pages containing archeology, but limit the results to pages from the US only

Get Live Stock Quotes

You can enter the ticker symbol along with the word stock to get the stock quotes. AAPL stock for example would return the stock quote for Apple. See If Your Site Is Indexed and How Many Pages

Is your Website Indexed?

You can check to see if your site has been indexed by Bing by using the “url” keyword. url:rshweb.com will let you see if your site has been indexed by Bing. On the other hand, if you want to see how many pages of your site have been indexed you can use the “site” keyword along with your site name. site:rshweb.com would return all the pages from your site that are present in Bing's index.

Find The Number of External Links Used On Any Website

If you own a website and want to find the links of all the web-pages to whom your website is linking to, Bing has a very unique search operator which will be immensely useful. Simply search for LinkFromDomain: rshweb.com and you would be able to find out all the external website links that a particular website is linking to

Telephone Area Codes

Area Codes displays the area code. Type area code followed by code. For example, area code 515

Zip Codes

Zip Codes displays the zip code. Type zip code followed by code. For example, zip code 44129

Celebrity Tracking

Bing xRank tracks celebrities and ranks them. xRank shows News results, image results, Video results , biography details, and digg links. Example is xRank costner

Display wallpaper images

You can display Bing' wallpaper images in its Image search results. Search for a term in Bing image search and then click on the Size category in the left sidebar. This automatically display various size filters, including an option for wallpaper. This display only images that have the exact size of the computer screen resolution

Find Organizations

To find results about golf but that primarily pertain to the organization, type golf prefer:organization

Looking for Hotels?

Use the following as examples: New York hotels, hotels in Egypt, Dublin hotels

Snow reports

Type "snow report" followed by a city. For example, type snow report Anchorage

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