Fake Review Sites

The Internet is littered by literally thousands of "Review" websites. These reviews sites can have a massive impact on the perception about a product or service

But do you know that the large majority of Review websites do not review anything. They are nothing more than "Affiliate Websites"? They are basically advertisement websites that contain links to companies that pay out for new customers. Read further to learn how to identify phony review sites and how to carry out your own comparisons when buying any product

Why Review Sites?

Most often we use Google search for the products we are looking for

For example, if you want to buy a new android phone, you can decide to search
"The best android phone"
You would think that the Google search result will display unbiased website ratings and reviews of the best phones currently trending in the market. This is no longer the case

The first 10 results we use an a example are sites that are fake review sites trying to deceive you into buying through their reviews. They only list those companies or products that pay them a commission


You can easily decipher whether the ratings are real or just an affiliate website so that they can earn money from you

Show Me How

How to know if a review blog or site is an affiliate website? Today virtually all big companies have some sort of affiliate program. They offer high paying commissions to Affiliates

You can tell whether a site is hiding under the coffers of review sites to earn through affiliate marketing by looking at the links they display for the products or places they are reviewing

Are the links standard or normal looking like these?
RSH Web Services Amazon.com Ebay.com

Hover your mouse over the above links, look in the bottom right corner of your Browser, what do you see? Links going directly to their web site like these?
https://rshweb.com    https://www.amazon.com    https://www.ebay.com

Or do you see links like these:


These are all Affiliate Links!
These review sites focus more on placing products with the highest affiliate commissions on their website

posts about hosting

Other Affiliate sites

24Option.com and 888sport.com offer some of the highest affiliate commissions in the sports betting and gambling niche

Samsung and Motorola.com are leading in the tech niche

GoDaddy with 30% commission and BlueHost $65 per referral are one of the biggest in the Hosting category

Every review has a certain degree of bias, but some review websites are notorious for fake reviews. It is quite imperative to identify such misleading review sites and stay away from them

Also keep in mind that some bad reviews can be a ploy used by companies to downgrade their competitors' products. It isn't easy to trust online reviews, as freelancers and bloggers are now paid to write reviews

The best way is to consider reports from legit unbiased sites only. Look for legitimate websites where users are allowed to post reviews only when they have bought and used the product

Fighting Back Against Fake Reviews

Amazon, The Federal Trade Commission, Yelp and even the New York Attorney General to name just a few are suing fake review sites

ABC News: Amazon Sues Over Fake Reviews
Amazon suing more than 1,000 allegedly fake reviewers, offering their services on the the online marketplace Fiverr.com For posting ads like this one, promising a five-star review

FTC Brings First Case Challenging Fake Paid Reviews
When a company buys fake reviews to inflate its Amazon ratings, it hurts both shoppers and companies that play by the rules. What the FTC Did to Protect Consumers According to the FTCs complaint

Writing Fake Reviews On Yelp? You Might Get Sued
It is also important to note that this is not the first time Yelp has tried to sue someone over fake reviews. This is Yelps second complaint it filed against a business related to deceptive reviews

Fake Reviewers Get Zero Stars From New York Attorney General
All Tech Considered Nineteen companies agreed to pay more than $350,000 in penalties to settle accusations that they wrote or bought fake reviews

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