What is a backlink

In the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there is that particular word that is used most often
If you have just recently joined the blogging world or have just started your own website, you probably have come across this term at one time or another. You may wonder; just what is a backlink, are backlinks really essential and if yes, why are they important? The thing that you should know is that backlinks are directly related to your online success. This article discusses what backlinks are, why they are important and how you can acquire them to ensure your online success

What Is a Backlink?

A backlink is also known as an inbound link. A backlink is a hyperlink that comes from an external website to your own website. In other words, backlinks are incoming links to a website. Backlinks are formed when a particular webpage links to another webpage. In the past, backlinks were the prime metric used to rank a web page. Pages that have many backlinks ranked higher with the Search Engines. Today backlinks are still very important in determining the online success of any website. Google and most all Search Engine considers the inbound links that are of high quality and are also relevant and rank these webpage and websites top in the search results. This is because such backlinks are an indication of a page being resourceful for its users. Therefore, backlinks still remain an important aspect of any SEO strategy

Advantages of Backlinks

Generating the right backlinks to a Website's page opens up opportunities to experience the following benefits;

1) Improves Search Engine Rankings
Having more backlinks, from authoritative sites, can help a website rank among the top search results when specific key terms and phrases are searched. This is because several backlinks provide search engines with the information that your website has relevant and high-quality information

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2) Drives Website Referral Traffic
More inbound links serve to rank a website top in the search results. When a website ranks among the top, more customers are attracted, both new and existing. These customers may then click on the links that are put in the posts, intending to learn more about the topics at hand. Therefore since these clicks are at most times voluntary, your website will generate a more targeted audience and is likely to stay on your Website longer

3) Faster Indexing
Backlinks have the advantage in that they facilitate the discovery of web page by search engine bots. This is especially important for new websites, which may still lack any backlinks. After all it is only after the search engine bots have discovered your website that they can crawl the website effectively. Backlinks will facilitate faster discovery as well as indexing of a website

How To Generate Backlinks

Generating high-quality backlinks for your website is very important, now more than ever. This is because generating a large number of quality backlinks will help improve your Website's ranking. You also need to note that Google will not approve any backlinks from just any websites. Rather Google only approves quality backlinks from authoritative sites as well as from natural anchor texts. Does knowing that make you feel like giving up on generating backlinks all together? Do not give up so fast. Generating these links is as complicated as it may sound. With the following strategies, you can generate high-quality backlinks for your website
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1) Make Regular Updates to Your Blog with Fresh Content
Your website should maintain a regular stream of unique and new content. That way people will want to link to your website. Nobody ever wants to link to materials that they've seen before. Every one is interested in new and updated content. You can find topics for content material that most people prefer by using the content explorer from Ahrefs

2) Write Guest Post Blogs
Another way to generate backlinks to your website would be to find relevant websites, in your industry, that accepts guest blogs. There is software that you can use to help you find these sites, for instance, Buzzstream. When you're searching for these sites, you need to note two things. First, does the site accept guest post contributions? Second what is the domain authority of this particular site? Also, when reaching out to these sites you can keep your email friendly and personalized. In the email you can then explain that you would like backlinks and what you will offer in exchange for the backlinks

3) Create Skyscraper Content
The skyscraper technique refers to the system which helps turn good quality content into high-quality backlinks. This technique does so by following 3 steps; researches content that's link-worthy, produce something of better quality then reach out to the target audience. We all are attracted to the best things out there. That explains why the skyscraper technique works so well; it produces the best content. People will then follow such content and link to it

4) Search for the Competitor Backlinks, then Monitor Them
This strategy involves keeping track of your competitor's activities. You keep track of their activities with the aim of finding and taking advantage of every new opportunity. This can help improve your Website's ranking. Finding and taking advantage of high-value link opportunities can help you generate high-quality backlinks with ease

5) Design Compelling Infographics
Infographics are used by the biggest Websites on the net. These can help you generate more quality backlinks to your website. Infographics do not have a secret formula for design. However when designing infographics you need to make sure you have certain aspects. First the infographics must have a great and attractive design. They should be well researched, containing reliable information. Also, you need to promote your infographics through outreach. When you consider such aspects in your infographics, then a large number of backlinks will be on your way

Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink Watch
A simple SEO tool that revolves around building links and it is designed to make users websites stand out in the SERPs. The features provide information on anchor texts, competitors’ strategies, keyword research, backlink count, outbound links, page ranks, etc

Rated as one of the best backlink checker tools that you can use for free. The database is very big and it is updated daily. The reports are very detailed. Details such as your website is getting most backlink from which countries

Monitor Backlinks
Formerly Open Site Explorer, Tools for keywords and backlinks with a large link database, a powerful filter for links, and an SEO backlink checker tool

The complete tool is a paid service, you can still register for free. Then use their backlink analysis tool that has analysis for anchor text. Details such as percentage breakdown for the anchor text which points to your website

New backlink checker tools. This website will give you list of fresh backlinks as well as other backlinks. Able to export the backlink list into .csv format to analyze it further. This tool features are free

A modern powerful backlinks checker tool that allows users to evaluate the best backlinks for their website. The main features include the ability to see live previews of backlinks

Is an all in one SaaS backlink checking tool that allows you to automate monitoring, finding, and reporting on backlinks. Features include email reports, SEO metrics, link analytics, link visualize...

Social Media Sites for Backlinks

One of the best way to get backlinks for your Website is to post content on Social Media Sites that contains original research. Establishing a following on Social Media platforms goes hand in hand with SEO mainly because of the popularity of the social media today


Indeed backlinks (or inbound links) are just plain essential in the SEO world. As discussed above there are a number of strategies that can help you generate large amounts of high-quality backlinks. All you have to do is find that particular method(s) that best fits you and your Search engine optimization strategy. Put in just that extra effort, and see your website climb in the search results; all thanks to the backlinks

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