What is SSL & SSH

Secure Sockets Layer - Secure Shell

Both provide the cryptographic elements to build a tunnel
for confidential data transport with checked integrity

Updated: April 1, 2021
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

Used to encrypt the communication between a Browser and a Web Server. SSL or sometimes called "HTTPS" is also called Security Over HTTP. With SSL the communication can be authenticated via a public-key and private-key pair

SSL is often used for sending credit card information, banking information, private emails, or just sending private information. You will know when you are on an SSL connection because your Web Browser will have the address prefix https:// in front of the URL

How SSL Works

When you visits a website, (provided the site has an SSL certificate). your Browser and the website begin to what is known as the "SSL handshake". The Browser checks the validity of the SSL certificate. Making sure it is authenticated by a legitimate party and therefore trustworthy. Every SSL certificate has two keys. A private key and associated public key. Their job is to handle encryption and decryption to communicate securely during the SSL handshake. After your browser confirms the SSL certificate is valid, the Web Server and the browser then creates what is known as a session key. Once a secure connection is established both are communicating safely

Advantages of SSL

SSL encryption for your website is Security. the level of customer confidence and trust in a site increases 10 fold. Internet users have come to expect the https// prefix in their browser in order to be comfortable submitting any sensitive information. Google’s Gary Illyes interviewed in in 2015 affirmed that when two web pages are otherwise equal, Google prefers HTTPS sites. Pushing the more secure URL to the head of the line

Customer information, like credit card numbers, is encrypted and Secure
Visitors can quickly tell whether you are the registered business and owner of the Domain
Customers are more likely to trust and purchase from Websites that use HTTPS

Uses For SSL

Whenever you purchase a product from any On-line store such as Ebay
When you transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts
When you log into your RSH Web Mail, Gmail or Outlook.com Email account
When you send money with PayPal
When you log into a private group account such as Yammer, GroupMe.com, or OneDrive
When you are purchasing tickets online for the next professional football or hockey game in your city
When you log into your Google Photos


SSH - Secure Shell

Early network protocols like Telnet and Remote Shell "RSH" did not provide enough protection against malicious cyber attacks. The need for a more secure network communication method inspired the creation of the SSH protocol

SSH is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Typical applications include remote command-line login and remote command execution to a Web Server, but any network service can be secured with SSH. SSH refers specifically to Encryption for programmers and network administrators. SSH normally uses port 22 to connect your computer to another computer or Server on the Internet. Network administrators will use this technique so they can login and remotely control a Server any where in the world. It also provides several alternative options for strong authentication, and it protects the communications security and integrity with strong encryption. It is a secure alternative to the non-protected login protocols such as telnet, rlogin. And insecure file transfer methods such as FTP

Examples of using SSH:

Your Administrator needs to reboot the company Server from his home
Your network administrator needs to reset your office password
Your database administrator has to install updated software from home
Your web server administrator needs to update the company website while on vacation

Similarities Between the Two Functions

Both SSL and SSH are designed to create confidential connections across the Web. With only a very few exceptions, it is not possible for a regular hacker to break into an SSL or SSH connection, but the encryption technology is only as reliable as programming can make it

Both SSL and SSH are special encryption and protocol technologies used to connect two computers. SSL and SSH lockout eavesdroppers by encrypting or ciphering the connection and scrambling the transmitted data

SSL Certificates included with all hosting plans

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