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James T.

A writer and composer based in SouthShire, England. He is a creative copywriter for RSH Web since 2012. Also a professional copywriter for several other on-line publications
Blogs & Articles:
The Image Hosting Question
Professional Web and Email Hosting
Creating Quality Content
How to Spot Fake Emails
Secure Mobile Transactions
My Domain Name Is Taken Now What
Tips To Improve Your Website
What Is FTP and how Do I Use It?
Facebook vs a Website
Optimizing Drupal for Page Speed and SEO
Managed WordPress Hosting
Best URL Shortening Tools

Rich M.

Over 10 years experience working at major organizations and agencies, writing for brands such as Oracle, Google, and eBay. His experience includes projects across social media, video, print, and branding
Blogs & Articles:
Domains for Financial Companies
Outsmarting the Smart Devices
Creating a Strong Password
Why Web Security is Important
DDoS Protection
What Is SSL or HTTPS
Fix SSL Warnings
Joomla Resources
What Does .COM Mean?
Advantages of a .ORG Domain Name
Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Tadeusz K.

One of the best creative blog writers and social media. He has created content for websites since 2005 and has used WordPress since 2006
Blogs & Articles:
Surf the Web Safely
Best Hosting Review Sites
Google Search Tricks
Blogs For SEO Marketing
SEO Tips and Tricks
SEO For Beginners
Bootstrap vs CSS
SEO or SMO Which is Best
What is SSL and SSH
Improve Your SEO Ranking with SSL
Why Build it Yourself Websites Fail

Harry T.

A senior content writer for RSH Web. Also works as a freelance copywriter, teacher, and presentation coach
Blogs & Articles:
What is cPanel Hosting?
WordPress Admin Dashboard
The Different SSL Security Certificates Best WordPress Plugins
WordPress Optimization Plugins
WordPress Mistakes To Avoid
Shopify vs. WordPress
Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal
Domain Names vs Web Hosting
Secure WordPress Hosting

Mark D.

Mark brings his love of digital content writing to RSH Web. With over 6 years of international copywriting experience and an MA in Creative Writing
Blogs & Articles:
SSL Certificates General Knowledge Base
What is a URL
What is HTTP and HTTPS
Magento vs Shopify
Magento vs. PrestaShop
Make The Switch to SSL
Web Designing Tips
Importance Of a Responsive Website
WordPress Website Hacked?

Dana F.

Writing since 8th grade. As RSH Web content manager and regular contributor, he is always writing about technology and business
Blogs & Articles:
What is Java
What is HTML
What is CSS
Cool Bing Search Tricks
What is a 404 Page
What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting 101
What is PHP
No Website? You're Losing Business

Adam R.

Having over 10 years experience working at major organizations and agencies. With campaigns and projects across digital, social media, video, print...
Blogs & Articles:
Google Analytics for Beginners
Social Media Marketing Mistakes
Softaculous vs Fantastico
cPanel vs Plesk
Should you renew that domain name?
Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
The Best Blogging Platforms
Horde vs Roundcube, Apps for WebMail
Why Your Email Address Matters

Adnan J.

Guest blogger from Switzerland helping local companies that has grown from having a primarily regional presence to garnering and developing attention nationwide and internationally. Adnan has successfully led a full spectrum of marketing campaigns, as well as handling PR work with major news outlets and the formation of key strategic alliances
Blogs & Articles:
Online Privacy and Security
Alternatives to Google Maps
How to Design a Website
More on Designing Websites
How many Domains should I buy?
Domains for Restaurant/Food Websites
cPanel FAQs - More than 20 pages
Local Business Online Marketing

Linda H.

She is a design journalist, art curator/consultant, interior designer. Earning a BA in Asian Studies from Connecticut College, and an MA in Art History from Columbia University
Blogs & Articles:
WordPress Security
WordPress vs GoDaddy
What Is Joomla
Security for Your Website
Need a Website Redesign?
Bootstrap 4 Reference's
Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid
Domains for Sports Related Websites

Chirag Parekh

My goal is to write informative articles about website design and development for small and medium size companies. Covering the common as well as the latest design trends and how one can leverage them
Blogs & Articles:
Scratch? A CMS? Or a Website Template?
WordPress Categories and Tags Affecting Your Websites User Experience?


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