Hosting Mistakes

You have heard just how important it is in this day and age to have a strong online presence. But did you realize there are ways in which your online presence could be hurting you or your business? If you are concerned about hosting for your website, you can't afford making a single mistake. An hour of downtime can not only cost you much, but also put your online reputation at risk. Let us take a look at a few things to look for and to avoid

Overpaying: Pricing Surprises

That number really looks good!! But is that the price you will eventually be paying! What appears to be "Low Cost" web hosting might actually be quite expensive. With the Hosting industry today there is a trend of showing the customer a smaller price than what they eventually be charged. Look past the "Advertised" or "Sale" price and at the long term monthly price and you will see what you will actually pay. This varies between companies and sometimes you’ll even get the first year at a discounted rate. Read the small print and make sure you know what the actual cost of your hosting contract is. Better yet do not get locked into a long term contract. Look for a host that does month to month billing. You will find much better services with this arrangement

Take Reviews and Testimonials at Face Value

Not all Review Sites and testimonials are created equal. You need to be wary of most all Review sites today. Online review sites pop up every single day, but a majority of them are nothing but farce. They make money if you click on a link through their website. It is thus very important for us to make sure that the website can be trusted and verified
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Going for the Cheapest or Free Web Hosting?

Nothing comes free in this world, so why expect your hosting to be free? If someone promises you a free hosting service, guaranteed you are going to encounter problems in future. The web host may put unsolicited party advertisements on your website. You may not be allowed to run certain scripts for animation or video. There can be major issues with website loading speed. You may have no clue of when and or why your website server went down. The hosting provider may not respond to your concerns if you need a quick technical fix. You may not be able to build or scale up your website, the way to want it. Search engines may not give your site an equal importance while ranking it on search engine result pages if being hosted on "Free Hosting" web sites

Not Communicating with Technical Support

If 99.99% uptime guarantee is what you expect from your web host, you too have certain roles to play. Hosting service is a technical service, so you need a good technical support person who can assist you 24 x7

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Not Paying Attention to Given Terms and Conditions

We all tend to ignore the T.O.S.'s or Acceptable Use Policies while signing up for any service or deal. Generally hosting companies highlight only those points that they want you to read, not what you need to know to avoid future issues. You should read Refund policy, Cancellation policy, ToS of agreement carefully and ask the provider for any clarification. It is your accountability to verify the service description, deliverables and related conditions before you make payment

Not knowing the Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage

If you have already subscribed to 1000 MB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth, you are all set to run a big show. With this bandwidth, you do not have to worry about transfer limit even if your site gets thousands of hits in a day. But if you start with 2 GB bandwidth and will not upgrade shortly your will face the downtime problem

Not Understanding the SEO Implications of Web Hosting

If you think that any free hosting will work as far as the host gives you a 99% uptime guarantee, you are possibly wrong. Hosting problems can actually overkill your SEO efforts. Slow site speed, database connection errors, shared hosting with poor quality spam sites can damage your site’s credibility to human users as well as Google bots. With exceeded bandwidth limit, prolonged runtime errors, internal server error you may even end up at de-indexing your site in Google. No matter how big your SEO team is or how good they are at building links, without a reliable host in place, you sure will not succeed in marketing your products

Not Exploring Your Limitations

You may have encountered promotional texts like "Unlimited" "Free for Ever" while browsing various web host portals. Does this really mean that you get everything for unlimited use? Ask your self - Does this really sound possible? No, nothing is "Free" or "Unlimited", this is just a advertising gimmick Apart from bandwidth and disk space quota, you should watch out for the other limitations that do not generally show on sign up page of the host. Feel free to ask your web host if you can: Maintain multiple POP accounts; Use Secure Shell (SSH); Add statistics to your account; Install new software on your own; Use Shopping Carts on your website. In a nutshell, you should be able to figure out that your hosting company does not limit you from anything needful

Partnering with a New Hosting Company

There are brand new hosting providers who offer huge discounts, freebies, coupon codes, software, and cash awards to gain quick attention of business users. Their objective is to acquire a large number of customers and scale their business in order to make quick cash. Unfortunately, after a period of 6 to 12 months, they made their money, run out of server space and close down. It is important that you select a company that has been serving customers for more than 10 years and has gone through the pain of serving them successfully. One way to see about a company is type their name into Goggle followed by "Sucks" Such as godaddy sucks Or another is godaddy horror stories

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