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Updated: August 7, 2023
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Top 10 Free Website builders From Softaculous

Starting a website is so much easier today as there are now numerous website builders to choose from.

If you ever composed an email or uploaded a photo? If yes, you probably have all the requirements for making a Website yourself.

No matter what type of website you are creating, there is a builder that will suit almost any type of layout you can image.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and some other popular ones have seized a large market share. But some other builders will do equally well. Some even better.

In this guide, we will be showing some of the more uncommon Self Hosted Website Builders or Content Management Systems "CMS" available for the website projects that you might have. These CMS's are great options, especially if you're just starting.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System "CMS" Or a "Website Builder" is software that allows you to manage, manipulate, enhance, and publish content on the web in a very easy way. Most CMS will enable you to create websites with no coding knowledge at all. It is the best option for when you want to "Do It Yourself".

With a Content Management System you are able to publish digital content including web pages, landing pages, blog posts, images. All with a user friendly interface. Customizing the design and functionality of your website with templates and extensions rather than learning a bunch of coding. You may also have multiple users working on the back-end of your CMS website.

Our list of the top 10 Free Website builders


e107 is a time-tested and open source CMS powered by MySQL and PHP. With e107, you can create, modify, or delete your Website's content without needing to be a professional at coding. With e107, you have everything you need to launch an interactive, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly (responsive) website in the least possible time. Whether you're thinking of creating a simple blog or a more demanding corporate website, e107 has a solution for you.
e107 on Facebook

Features include Easy manipulation. Modifying, copying, or erasing massive records simultaneously became more comfortable with the solution that e107 offers. This is made possible via the Admin interface, where you get to check all unwanted data and perform a mass action on them with just a click. Save time editing records. Tweak blog posts; modify database records, upload, and download items from e107's overview page.
e107 Home Page


When we think of Concrete5, we think of intuitive editing. The makers of this great CMS boast of its ability to customize any site based on user preferences. With Concrete5, you can; Do in-context editing. Control themes easily. Retain layout across various devices (high responsiveness). Manage media perfectly. Drag and Drop Content. A powerful and extendable with a wide variety of add-ons to extend your website and broaden your functionality.
Concrete5 on Facebook

Features include Simple Installation, One-click version update, Add-on support, Quick installs, Automatic add-on update notification, 1000s of add-ons at your fingertips.
Other uses for Concrete5. E-magazines and newspapers. E-Commerce sites. Extranets and Intranets. Government websites. Small and large business websites. NGO websites. Any school, college, or university website.
Concrete5 Home Page


An Enterprise Content Management System for creating, managing, and publishing any digital content. TYPO3 developers claim that even if your business grows bigger, No need to ever opt for another CMS because it has everything to satisfy your specific project needs.
TYPO3 on Facebook

What will you get with TYPO3? Zero license cost. This CMS is free of charge, being open-source software under the GNU General Public License. What this means is that it is free to use any day and anytime. TYPO3 offers excellent rendering capabilities. TYPO3 has been providing users with excellent image manipulation functionality for decades. Hence, users can scale and crop images easily. TYPO3 provides extensive CDN support. TYPO3s master class file abstraction architecture makes allocating your assets across the globe as simple as uploading a file. Either you or your editors won't need any professional training to use CDNs like Akamai or Amazon's Cloud Front.
Typo3 Home Page


Yet another great CMS to choose from, Xoops is also open-source, user-friendly, and secure. With XOOPS, you get an object-oriented, extensible, easy to use, and dynamic web content management system encoded in PHP language. Whether for a small or large website, XOOOS has what it takes to create something exceptional and perfect for individual preferences.
Xoops on Facebook

Some feature are: Fully Modularized. You can install, uninstall, activate, or deactivate modules with a click using the XOOPS MAS (module administration system).
Database Driven: For web-based CMS, XOOPS utilizes a MySQL database to store data required for running a web-based content management system.
User Management: It comes with the functionality of searching for users by various criteria. You can even send an email and private messages to users through a messaging system.
Theme-based GUI: Coming with a robust theme system, users and admin can customize the entire interface at one click.
Publisher: The publisher Module is useful when it comes to managing news, updates, or articles. This module is helpful for those who run news portals or blogs.
EXTGallery: Want to create a photo community? If yes, it allows users to upload photos and create their galleries.
XMContent: With XOOPS XMContent, you can create static pages in XOOPS.
Xoops Home Page

CMS Made Simple

With CMS Made Simple, it's goodbye to complicated Content Management Systems. It doesn't matter if you're a complete newcomer in the area of website development and content management. CMS Made Simple will provide you a simple way of doing great things on the web. From changing texts to adding news items and images on a page, you can do it all with no confusion and no need to understand all the complex HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Coming with a powerful and intuitive UI and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG page editor, it's all simplicity from start to finish when you choose CMS Made Simple.
CMS Made Simple on Facebook

Features include: Intuitive user interface. Integrated and online help. Group-based permissions system. User independence. Satisfying user experience. Efficient editing capabilities. If you have ever craved managing your website without having to face technical challenges or a rambling admin system, then look no further than CMS Made Simple.
CMS Made Simple Home Page

Bolt CMS

Bolt claims to be the best CMS available to editors, developers, and newbies. Some of its great features and functionality are Powerful Content Types. Bolt structures all content in "Content Types". A Content Type establishes the design of your website content. "News Articles", "Blog Posts", "Pages", "Testimonials" are "Content Types". By adding the page's content type to your layout, Bolt will automatically; Add the content type to the admin area of your site. Give access to editors, letting you create, edit and delete pages.
Bolt on Twitter

Symfony-based development. Bolt runs on Symfony, which is a PHP framework through which you can make your web application highly user-oriented. No language barriers. Want to make the content of your site available to the world in different languages? If yes, Bolt can help. With a single line of code, your entire page or site becomes translatable.
Bolt Home Page


WebsiteBaker enables you to create any website of your choice with ease. Flexibility, maximum security, ease-of-use, and open source CMS is Website Baker. Create new templates within minutes with auto-integrated languages like XHTML, CSS, and jQuery. But you do not need to know these programming languages. With WebsiteBaker, your site is W3C-valid, SEO-friendly and there are zero limitations to what you can do with it. WebsiteBaker is an excellent option for web designers and web developers. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate user, or a professional, WebsiteBaker will convince you.
WebsiteBaker on Facebook

Features include: Easy to use interface. WYSIWYG-editors in backend. Support of multiple languages. Management of files and media. Adjustable due to its template system. Infinite extensible because of add-ons. Group-based Access Privilege System. Also, it is incorporated with lots of add-ons for your specific needs.
Website Baker Home Page


WonderCMS, unlike others mentioned above, is exceptionally lightweight, small, does not use databases like MySQL, yet easy to set up and maintain. Are you looking for a Simple website builder? WonderCMS is the smallest flat-file CMS, and it is free. It is oriented towards privacy, and it ships without unwanted ads, tracking, or any "powered by" links. This CMS aims to be one of the smallest and lightest Content Management Systems.
Wonder on Twitter

Features include: 1-click updates and backups. Themes /plugins installer. Responsive, user-friendly, in-place editing, SEO, and more.
Whether you're building a simple website or a blog, WonderCMS is carefully developed to bring you a minimalistic and straightforward user experience.
WonderCMS Home Page


Are you looking for a friendly and powerful open source CMS with a well scalable API? This is what you need. ProcessWire is a free CMS and CMF (content management framework), specifically built to save time. With all custom fields, a secure foundation, and high scalability. ProcessWire launches your content seamlessly, quickly, and efficiently.
ProcessWire on Facebook

Features include: Simplicity: It's all about having a simple solution, and with ProcessWire, it's relatively easy working either from the Admin back-end or from the API.
Beautiful API: Its API delivers your request to the system and sends the system's response back to you fast and efficiently. It is the best and most powerful API in its class, and it is simplest to learn and use. Highly Scalable: ProcessWire is designed to scale. It is powerful enough to handle both websites with a small or unlimited number of pages.
Stable: Having been in continuous development since 2006 and as an open-source since 2010, it is undoubtedly a mature and exceptionally stable platform.
ProcessWire Home Page


It's all about trying to make a difference when it comes to web development and CMS technology. That being said, Sitemagic CMS is fantastic, user-friendly and brings with it tons of beautiful design templates for you to get started.
Sitemagic on Facebook

Features include Modular, fast & lightweight. A fully extensible and superfast CMS that functions well both on small and large servers. Sitemagic runs without the regular MySQL database system. Data is stored in secure XML files by a default setting, and backing up and moving websites from host to host is effortless.
Sitemagic CMS is a very comprehensive CMS that lets anyone manage pages, files, forms, and external modules such as maps, social media plugins, and videos easily.
Sitemagic Home Page


Content Management Systems has been a choice for web developers for as far as we can remember. With the great number of CMS that are available today, deciding which one is best suited for you can be a daunting challenge

In this guide, we shortlisted ten not so common yet easy to use and powerful Website Builders for you. They all have what it takes to compete with those larger and more popular ones

Our first choice is e107 as it seems to be the easiest for beginners, followed by Concrete5 for the extensive support

With cPanel and Softaculous you have the option to try out any of the 40+ CMS's RSH Web Services offers
With one click install, it is very easy to get started
Or if you prefer RSH Web will install one for you

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