Why is that professional looking email address important

75% of customers agree a professional email address is key to building trust with businesses

Avoid The Dreaded Amateur Look - Show the world you mean business

Updated: March 3 2019
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

Why Your Email Address Matters

You may be wondering why your email address matters enough to secure an email host
Think back to some of the emails you’ve received from the companies you do business with
Also think about how you may have felt when you saw the sender’s email address


After spending time deciding on the best domain name to represent your business, adopting a generic Gmail,
Yahoo or Hotmail email account will not create the professional image you’re looking for
In fact, people will wonder if your business is genuine
You also run the risk of your email being treated as spam and never actually landing in your intended recipient’s inbox


Will always look cheaper and less professional than


Free Email Accounts?

If you’re just starting out in your business, sometimes the easiest choice is to make use of free services
Email has become the primary tool for communication in work and personal life
Many of us use free email services to set up email accounts, however, there are disadvantages and unknown costs to this

The ideal email address is short, simple and logical

Free email addresses are often long and confusing, and they include impersonal domains, like @Gmail @Yahoo and @Outlook
In business, it is vital to create the right impression - you need an email address that is both unique and memorable

With matching domain email accounts

You get complete control over your online persona
Using your own domain name makes it easy for others to email you and remember your address
It helps establish credibility by showing you are a real company with real employees, products and services

Remember, your domain name is your online brand.

Your domain name gives you're a presence on the Internet
Many people will look for your website when they receive an email from your by taking the part after the @ (ie. @rshweb.net)
When your website appears, it validates and authenticates you and your products or services
Authentication is very important because of the amount of spam each of us receives from many free email service providers, such at @Hotmail.com

Other benefits of using your own domain name for email

Establishes/reinforces your online identity
Differentiate yourself from competitors (and spammers)
Lets your customers know you mean business

Customer service

Essentially there is no customer service for free email services.
If you have a problem with Hotmail, Yahoo, Google mail or whatever free email service you're using, you have nowhere to turn when you have a problem

So if you want to be taken seriously, what’s the alternative? Find a good email hosting service provider

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