Web Hosting 101

Buying Web Space or a Website Hosting Account can be confusing

Especially with so many companies trying to trap you and trap you into long term contracts. Never sign up with a long term contract for anything until you know exactly what you are receiving and that the company is trustworthy. Just because you see them on TV or they come up first in the search engines does NOT mean you can trust them or that they will not try to trap you

What You should know about Website Hosting

The problem with buying web space for most is that they really do not know what they're looking at when they buy it. They simply buy what sounds like the "biggest" package they can get their hand on. Or they buy the first package they see and think they are all alike. Or what they see on a TV commercial and think thats the best and cheapest way to go

Trap - Ridiculous discounts for website space

$1 Web Hosting, 1cent Web Hosting, $1.99 Web Hosting .... After the first month discount you will be paying the full price of their hosting plan Which after a year or more of hosting can be much more than you think, and they almost always try to sell you other services than are normally free or that you really do not need

Trap - Massive SSL (https) Costs

Hosting providers have found another cash maker. Now Google and other companies started pushing for Secure SSL connections on every single Website. Now every website is forced to implement SSL on their servers just to stay safe. Initiatives for any business to get basic Free SSL Security. But most website owners do not know about ways to get free SSL (HTTPS) Like what RSH Web Services offers


information on hosting


Trap - Domain Privacy Costs

Without domain privacy, or WHOIS privacy protection, all of your contact information (address, phone number, name, etc) is available to the public. With WHOIS privacy, however, your personal information is shielded and normally the information belonging to your Domain Registrar is visible instead. But did you know it is now required and more importantly it costs the Registrar company nothing to implement So why do they charge and why so much for this service?

Claims to have "Unlimited" web space, features and transfers may sound like the best package you can get, but in reality there are many important factors to consider in buying web space. To make things even more confusing some hosting companies are just outright lying to their customers


The "Unlimited" Trap. When shopping for a website or web space keep in mind that many companies offer MUCH less space than what's in our packages, and call it "unlimited" In making this claim, the company will cover themselves with some tiny, well hidden fine print (look real close!), or simply rely on their customers not using all of what they are paying for

When the customer do not use all of what they pay for, they can use that space to cover another customer who is using more than what they thought they might. One of the problems with this technique is, they have to cheat all the customers that don't use more space than they expected, to support those who do. What do we mean by "cheat"? Read the fine print closely with the "Unlimited" packages

Here is an example of the above at work. This is a direct quote from another host's web site:
*The unlimited traffic and disk storage policy has been established for the ease of use and enjoyment of all our customers. We reserve the right to limit your disk usage and/or traffic if your site is negatively affecting the performance of our other customers
Limit it to what??? EXACTLY how much?? They don't say ... pretty much leaves how much space and traffic you can use for your site up to the hosting company. Apparently, it sounds good for them to say "NO LIMITS!" in their ads, and they probably fool a lot of people who don't read the fine print. With RSH Web Services, not only do you know EXACTLY how much space and bandwidth you have, but YOUR space is YOURS! You paid for it, and it's yours, period! Sure, we could say "unlimited" because the odds are, you'll never use all the space that comes with your package. Our philosophy is simple ... top-notch customer service means being up front, and honest with customers

Keep in mind web space itself does not make the package
What is just as important is what comes with it!

Traffic... "Unlimited"

Just as "unlimited space" is a physical impossibility, so is "unlimited transfer". Beware of companies that offer this as a feature, as there is always some type of fine print that releases them from actually giving you "unlimited traffic". One common stipulation, is to offer you "unlimited traffic" with a little link to the fine print of: If you use more than 20% (or even 10%) of system resources, you don't qualify for 'unlimited traffic'. " Bottom Line: if you are limited to a percentage of system resources (or limited to anything else for that matter) then it's nothing short of a lie to represent a hosting package as having "unlimited" traffic!

It's important that you understand when you buy web space, exactly what is offered in any given package. This means understanding each feature, so that you'll know if you want or need it, that is available to you

Email Features

100 - 500 - Unlimited POP accounts!! Wow ... such a deal!! Now think about it (And read the fine print on sites that offer unlimited POP accounts) - How many POP email boxes do you really need. You probably already have one with your dial-up provider - maybe a few free web-based accounts as well. Unless you're running a site for an extremely large company, chances are you'll never need more than 10 to 15 POP email accounts for your site since you can use aliases/catch-all features for most instances. Many companies advertise "Unlimited Pop accounts" because it makes their packages seem bigger, and probably 95% of all of their accounts never use more than about five

Secured Socket Layer

Check to see what they charge for SSL access (HTTPS) If you accept credit cards on your site, you will HAVE to have one. Here's one "unlimited" hosting company's quote: "$449 One time setup fee, and $20 monthly fee The secure server setup includes the purchase of a $349 Digital ID" With RSH Web Hosting your SSL is free

PHP and MSQL2 Support

Useful for creating and maintaining databases on your site. RSH Web provides this feature at no cost to you

Server Side Includes

Used for many purposes, such as site-wide traffic counters, banner rotation programs, and much more


Having your own cgi-bin is extremely important, because CGI scripts are used in so many ways to do so many things. With your own cgi-bin (not just access to a community one) you have the option of using scripts that are needed to run your site. There are many free versions of just about any script you can imagine all over the net. With our packages you can either use the ones we provide or install your own. A few examples of some scripts: Guestbooks, Site searches, Forms and email forms, Counters, Rotating banner ads, Site traffic statistics programs. Most "Unlimited" hosts will not give you access to a cgi-bin. Even if you know nothing about cgi-scripts, with a little reading, and some practice, most scripts that you find (for free) are easily implemented into your web site

You should always look at Reviews for any Small Business Hosting before you purchase and make sure that you can verify features exist that you want in a website before putting in your credit card information

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