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Website Hosting is an extremely complex and competitive service. This is why we have decided to put together a list of what we feel is the most important factors. You will find information on each point with the intent to help you with this decision

Cost of Hosting

For majority of people it seems the most important element is the price. Try not make price your main criterion because hosting is an investment in your website and it's future. You will want to choose the company that provides the features and quality of service you need. When looking at price we recommend calculating how much you will have to spend on the Hosting Service over a 2 year period

Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee is all the below companies offer. If you signed up for a year or 2 year contract and want to leave after 2 months, you are out the remaining money. Alway read the fine print!!

Top 4 companies compared to RSH Web Services

As of the posting of this article


Hosting- 24 months $155.76
Website Backup- $71.76
Standard SSL Certificate- (12 months?) $79.99
Total $307.51 or $12.81 a month


Hosting with SSL- 24 months $94.80
SiteLock Security- $1.99 per month
Codeguard Basic- $2.99 per month
Total $190.44 or $7.93 a month


Hosting- 24 months $85.92
Second year domain fee- $17.99
SSL- Free
Email matching your Domain- 24 months $144
Back Ups- 24 months $48
Total $295.91‬ or $12.32 a month


Hosting- 24 months $98.00
WordPress 24 months $72
Website Security- 24 months $24
Email matching your Domain- 24 months $144
Site Backup- 24 months $26.88
Total $232.32‬ or $9.68 a month

RSH Web Services

Hosting- 24 months $143.28
Domain Name - Free - For Life SSL Certificate - Free
WordPress - FreecPanel - Free
WordPress - FreeSoftaculous - Installed
Website Security - FreeConfigServer Security and Firewall
Back Ups - FreeEmail matching your Domain - Free
Total $143.28 or $5.97 a month


information on hosting


Registration And Maintenance Costs

As you can see the Web Hosting industry offers attractive hosting deals during sign-up and even for your first payment. But the renewal fees often are more than double. Are they avoidable? If you want to jump from one Service Provider with discounted sign up rates to another after every year or two. To avoid that renewal "Surprise" bill at the end of the discount period - look for the renewal charge before you order
We noticed with Bluehost you will only find out after your order and your account is set up. They state: "Look in your Control Panel to see renewal rates" (Wonder what they are hiding)

Website Load Speed

One of the most frustrating experiences for anyone is waiting for a website to load. Everyone wants their website to load fast. A 2-second delay in Loading Times during a visit results in abandonment rates of up to 87%. One of the best websites to compare loading time is at
Our findings when we compared the above 4 companies "Home Page" compared to RSH Web's
GoDaddy: PageSpeed Score: (70%) YSlow Score (85%) Loaded Time: 5.1s
Bluehost: PageSpeed Score: (52%) YSlow Score (52%) Loaded Time: 6.3s
HostGator: PageSpeed Score: (69%) YSlow Score: (55%) Loaded Time: 4.1s
FatCow: PageSpeed Score: (59%) YSlow Score: (56%) Loaded Time: 3.0s
RSH Web Services: PageSpeed Score: (99%) YSlow Score: (90%) Loaded Time: 1.4s


Support is very often the most important factor when choosing a hosting service. Make sure that the Support department is "In House" and not been out sourced to another company or Country. We have seen that most phone numbers and Pop-up windows are all "out-sourced". If your website stopped working or was affected by a virus. Would you want some one from a third world "Out-Sourcing" company to deal with? Another important factor is the way a support team treats you and your problem, as a individually or only by strict procedures and guild lines. We have found over the many years in this business that every support issue is different and guide lines just do not work

Site Backups

Cyber threats, hacking, hard disk failures, just made a mistake and deleted something you were not suppose to? Such acts often result in complete loss such as the destruction or replacement of your site’s index file. It is important that you only choose a host service provider that offers website backups. While the majority of hosting companies charge for this service, it has always been a standard "free" option with cPanel

Reviews, Satisfaction, Reputation

Web Hosting Reviews websites are a bad source of information. Why? Most all are paid review sites that only promote a select few hosting companies
See our page on Best Web Hosting Review Websites and What is wrong with them
We recommend a diligent search on Google or Bing
Here are a few examples to try: FatCow Sucks, GoDaddy Sucks, HostGator Sucks, Bluehost Sucks, RSH Web Services Sucks

Convenience, and functionality of the Control Panel

The simplicity of the management of your web site is especially important when you do not have any experience in scripting or hosting services. We have seen the intuitiveness of hosting tools is just plan poor, which means that users are always in constant state of confusion. Not everyone is tech savvy and the last thing you want is to be constantly contacting Customer Support in order to do the least little things. You should be able to modify your site, install WordPress, set up your Email and your FTP accounts easily and quickly. The best providers use cPanel or Plesk to make updating and modifying your site easy. See our blog on cPanel with over 80 different features

Site Certification and Security

Websites are being hacked and data being stolen all the time. It is essential that you go for a web host that places security as one of their top priorities. Do they offer SSL Certificates? What are the cost's and most important renewal cost's. FireWalls? DDOS protection? RSH Web Services offers all of these and best of all it is absolutely free

Email Options

You will always look like a professional if you have your email linked to your websites domain name. In this case, when looking for the right web hosting company, chose one that provides email hosting as your Domain's primary email. We do not understand why some companies charge extra for this type of Service or even try to force you to use an off site email service like G Suite from Google Cloud which you will be charged $6.00 per month

Money Back Guarantee

Web hosting services are generally offered with a money back guarantee. This is done with the sole purpose of making the customer secure that the Service from a Provider will have no monetary risk and the customer will be able to receive the invested money back in case he or she is not satisfied with the provided services. RSH Web Services offers a 45 day money back guarantee

Many hosting companies, including ours will take care of the transfer of your website from a competitor completely for free. However why would you willingly risk putting yourself in such situation? It is always better to make a good decision from the start. Choosing a hosting company is definitely not easy. We do not recommend making hasty decisions as you have to pay attention to the many factors. A wrong choice here will lead to many problems in the future

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