Professional Email Hosting

Professional Business Website and Email Hosting are two critical services for having a successful business. Your business needs a effective web presence and decent reliable email hosting. These are the basic essentials for all online businesses

What makes website hosting effective?

How do you ensure your email is secure and reliable? They must be reliable or your reputation are at risk. Consider your Web Hosting Provider to be your business partner because they keep your web and email systems online. It is not necessary for any business to spend a fortune to get the right web and email hosting plan. A website and email service are an investment like any other important business tool

Business Email Addresses

Just like a Domain Name and Website a email address is a crucial part of a brand. Remember the old but true saying "First Impression..."

This does not make a good first impression, nor do they even come close to looking professional. Free solutions may be effective for personal use, and a tempting way to reduce operating expenses, but a professional address at your own domain is more trusted by customers. It demonstrates significant commitment and stability, and avoids associations with massive data breaches

(RSH Web Services received numerous emails daily from other people and companies wanting to do business with us. We do not even consider any with a generic email address)

We all tend to ignore the T.O.S.'s while signing up for any service or deal.
Generally hosting companies highlight only those points that they want you to read, not what you need to know to avoid future issues
You should read Refund policy, Cancellation policy, ToS of agreement carefully and ask the provider for any clarification
It is your accountability to verify the service description, deliverables and related conditions before you make payment

Business functions require professional reliability and security. Even relatively reliable and secure “free-mail,” like Gmail , Yahoo Mail and Outlook tend to have functionality drawbacks, such as advertising that reduces the space available for work, and in-boxes divided by “labels” rather than customizable folders

If you want inquiries, or pre-sale questions that need answered before prospects commit to a "buy decision", then a good email hosting is a must. An email system that is off line, that has tiny storage limits, or that doesn’t include backups in case of data loss, are a liability


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Professional Service and Ease of Use

Web hosting and email services can have unexpected costs in time and money if they are not both easy to use and professional to deal with when issues arise. Some web hosts specialize in serving large operations with dedicated IT teams, while others provide discounted services at the expense of ease of use or Customer Support


Security is critical both for businesses email accounts and websites. Email accounts should support IMAP (Internet messaging access protocol) and or POP3 (post office protocol). A quality anti-spam solution is also valuable for business email accounts for its security protection, but also as a time-saving tool. Any email servers are not immune from costly cyber security issues like intrusions, malware, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Robust security is a necessity, particularly if the business collects any information from customers. Un-patched vulnerabilities are a common vector for cyber attacks, but constant patching can be time consuming leading many small businesses to choose managed hosting services

Your in safe hands with a Web and Email Hosting package from RSH Web Services

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