Secure Against CyberCrime

Secure your Business against Cybercrime

Today businesses have more reasons to fear anonymous cybercriminals than burglars and thugs. While thieves can damage property or steal goods, Cybercrime is much worse, and the damage they cause can have a lasting scar on your business. When financial accounts are hacked or sensitive data is stolen, the losses can crush even the biggest enterprise

It is not just the largest global organizations that are targeted; Cybercriminals often prey on small "Mom and Pop" businesses. 43% of cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses with only 14% of the businesses prepared to defend themselves

Top Cyber Risks Affecting Startups

The truth is, whether small or big, your business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks as long as you are using some form of equipment connected to the Internet. And even if you have a digital presence like personal accounts or Websites

Here are some of the cyber risks you are likely to face as the owner of a small business or startup


Phishing is a social engineering scam where the hacker sends an intriguing text message or email to trick you into offering them your personal data. The email always comes from a seemingly legit website that when you click makes you hand over the access of your accounts, important company information, or documents to an unscrupulous third-party

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Data Breaches

Startups that have apps or websites that collect customer information including CRM, eCommerce, or online support are the prime targets for data breaches. This is when hackers seek to steal company information by gaining access to their databases. Cyber attacks cost companies $200,000 on average, putting many out of business according to a 2019 CNBC news report

How to Protect your Startup Business

Secure your hardware

Most company data breaches occur due to lost equipment and so, securing your hardware is the first step to protecting your startup from cyber threat. Start with the basics: protecting all your devices with a strong password, committing the password to a memory and not writing it down, and sharing it only with the device user. You can also physically attach your computers to desks to prevent thieves from walking away with them

Encrypt and Backup your Data

An effective Cyber Security strategy must consist of two aspects:
Preventing physical access to personal information and rendering the data useless in case it falls in the wrong hands
Ensure you encrypt all personal data including business data, employee information, and customer data, and back up and store this data separately

Practice Access Control

Today, there are many administrative services and tools that make it easy to set user roles according to corresponding levels of access to allow you to control who can do particular things on your infrastructure. Encourage your employees to use strong and unique passwords and keep them safe at all costs. Revoke the access of anyone who leaves the company immediately

Regular Updates

All your systems, especially the cyber-security software should always stay up to date. This is because hackers try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in your system to gain access to your devices. The best way to avoid this is by making sure you install updates immediately you receive a notification

Use a Reliable VPN

A VPN creates a safe connection over a non-secure network between your device and the Internet. When you secure your office's network with a VPN Router, all connected devices will be virtually invisible to cyber-criminals so they cannot prey on your personal information or steal your passwords

There are numerous VPN options on the market today. So, it would be a good idea to determine your company's needs before you settle on a particular product

In our age of the "World Wide Web" Cybercrime has quickly become the fastest growing form of online criminal activity. Equally worrying as a business owner, you can no longer treat Cyber Security as an afterthought

A single security breach can be detrimental for any business, small or big. The good news is that you can protect yourself and your company as long as you learn about your risks and how to stay safe

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