Business Blogging Mistakes

Blogging for your business is important in todays Internet market. But do this wrong and it will cost you customers and your reputation. As more small businesses enter the online world of content development the scrutiny continues to increase. Consumers can be gained or lost simply from your blogging efforts, so its imperative this publicly seen activity is done correctly

In this article we will explore why businesses should have a blog. The biggest mistakes made by Bloggers and how to avoid these potential pitfalls

Content is King

Your content - If displayed in a public setting like a blog will bring you more attention. Make sure it is correct. Whether grammatical, punctuation, usage or even spelling errors, there is a good chance that if the articles published are not written well, your customers will not return. This can be an easy problem to solve. No matter the size of your company, the chances are good that someone there knows how to write. Opening the blog to different employees and letting them write under their own name could be great idea. It gives each of your blogs a different voices for customers to relate to and also makes the employees feel better about themselves and their overall contributions to the organization

Presenting Instead of Conversing

Good blog posts are those that inspire conversation and drive readers to comment, share, or engage with the content. Rather than thinking about a blog post as a dissertation, think about it more as an opinion on a popular topic. Stick to that one opinion or point of view, then open the floor to readers to respond

What most people do not understand is that the difference between a blog post and a magazine article is similar to the difference between a conversation and a presentation. With blogging it is good to blog about a specific topic without being to complete. Think of it as a conversation. You get your chance to talk and then it's your customers turn to respond

Being Too Promotional

Often the best way to promote your website is to be seen as a Resource and not a Public Relations outlet. If you try to sell a product too early in the relationship, before you know each other or learned to trust one another, you will often scare them off. Creating your blogs that provides interesting and useful information will make those readers more likely to make purchasing decisions

Organizations are still learning about becoming Media companies to utilize the power of pull vs. looking to move inventory with just ads and promotion

It's All About People

Most businesses are starting blogs as a means to connect further with their customers and in the end sell more products. But the message failed if the person on the other end does not understand or can not relate to what you are saying. Remember: It is not what you say that matters. It is what they hear

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Direction and Strategy

While variety is great with Blogs because it keeps it from becoming boring. You still need to be clear about what your readers can expect. Think back to when you first started your business and what was it that attracted you. Tap into that passion, get excited again. And Write!

Not Utilizing Your Experience

What makes your perspective unique and different from the millions of other articles? Why should readers trust you? If you are a business owner you have experience in your field of business. Just like you tapped into your passion with your overall strategy, make the most out of your experience and be sure to offer a unique perspective. Do not just post what everyone else is posting. Often uncommon or unusual writing can be very successful

Linking to other Pages

Someone finds your website through Search Engines. They read your article, it answered their question, but now they have other questions they would like to explore further. Have you created other articles so readers can stay on your site? They want to keep researching, and if you have more content on your site that’s relevant, Then having links on each page linking them all together are the perfect way to move them from one page to another

Also the SEO benefits of linking is especially great. Linking to internal pages helps search engines better understand your website architecture and what you have. Linking to outside resources helps establish you as an expert in your field that puts the reader’s needs ahead of your own

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