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Local SEO for Local Businesses

With running a business you always want to find new customers or clients. What can help achieve this goal is your companies website. You will want to optimize your website so it ranks well with the Search Engine's results "Google" "Bing" "Yahoo" And you will especially want to focus on ranking in your own city or region known as "Local SEO"

Optimization for Local Businesses

One of the first step to this is the accuracy of the information on the Business Website. Outdated information and typos means everything becomes suspect to your visitors and the Search Engine's. Example could be a local Hair Salon's Website. Make sure your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, business category, and any other information is correct and current

Scrutinize the Website Carefully

Bad User experiences on your website can cause lasting damage's to your Reputation and Name. You have taken the time to embed pictures of your store on your website, but what if that visitor can only see half of them. Now your website looks cheap, your brand is tarnished. Poor navigation, broken links, incorrect and or missing content, slow load times, are all sure-fire ways to lose visitors. You don’t get a second chance to make that good first impression. So dive deep to make sure there are no unwelcome surprises

The Importance of Monitoring Reviews

Reviews are critical for a small business. Online reviews can make or break a consumer’s decision to make a purchase, visit your website, or walk into your store. Consumers often trust feedback from complete strangers and at times more than that of family and friends. Does this makes sense, Could 300 strangers be wrong about the quality of a product? Cultivating high quality, legitimate reviews can take time. When you do get a bad review (and you will, This is the Internet), swallow your pride, reach out to the customer, and work to make it right

Where Should a Web Business Get Listed Online?

Local businesses need to be listed in "Google", "Bing", "Yahoo". But other local listing services (such as Yelp) can also be useful. A business does itself a disservice by taking a shortcut here. Each Directory Listings has its own niche of users and by skipping their listings you will miss out on those users

Getting Discovered

The Search Engines will eventually crawl all the websites where you might be listed at. If you are listed, they will find you. More importantly, they will check the data on each Website for accuracy to see if it matches the information they already have about your site

Links on Other Websites

Links are click-able content on other websites that lead people to your website. Links are also what Search Engines track when determining how to rank a website. The basic idea is that a link elsewhere acts as a vote for your website. It cab be abused (and the engines fight this abuse), but it still remains a useful factor in ranking nonetheless. When your business name gets mentioned in an article. Whether that mention is linked or not is still important. Just having your business name mentioned is useful. In other instances, the Link may be nothing more than your Business Name appearing in a list of businesses. Though its value isn’t quite as ideal as a bigger business information article, it still helps discovery


How to Get Links

First NEVER buy links. That is never good and can lead to significant penalties from the Search Engines. If you’re a local business try finding places like a local Chamber of Commerce. And any other local business directory you can find. Look into other community-focused websites and be an active participant. Seek interviews with local news services and blogs. All media coverage in newspaper, radio, or TV, as well as online, will generate links for you. And most importantly more Business!

Reach out to other Websites

If you think your business is complementary to another, consider asking them to link to you. Be prepared for them to ask for a link back, but if including the link to another site is useful for your visitors, then include them

How Schema Helps Businesses

Marking up your content is helpful for the engines to know more about you. The accuracy of data matters a great deal to search engines, and using a system like Schema can help create a structured flow in your data that helps the engines easily and quickly understand more about your business. Businesses should start with Schema and understand what applies in their unique cases. There are over 100 elements that can be marked up. Businesses should research what applies to them and get that code on their website. Since the major engines support markup (indeed, they run, it’s a good idea to align and grow trust with them. It does take some work and it may be more difficult than making other simple changes to a site, but the long-term benefits are well worth it

Mobile Optimization

Mobile is such an important role today that it’s a priority for all businesses. More than ever before, how your site performs in the Mobile environment and Cross Browser Compatible informs how the Search Engine's treats you. If your Website is slow to load, expect rankings to suffer

Website Not Mobile-Friendly?

Your website WILL NOT show up when consumers do a search on a mobile device. When consumers are doing errands or planning their day, they now do it on a mobile device. Online Maps serve a critical role in those consumers finding the businesses they are looking for. So all that optimization and work you did comes into play ensuring that you show up in the Search Engines Map

The Next Wave of Optimization Voice Search

Fairly new to the SEO scene, voice search currently is responsible for 20% of all interactions in Google’s own mobile apps. And that number is growing. As more voice-controlled devices come to market, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, they add to the uptake in voice assistants led by Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant

Duane Forrester recently released an e-book on How Voice Search Changes Everything, which you can download for free on the Yext blog

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