With maintaining and optimizing an E-commerce Website, you will need to manage different aspects including Search Engine Optimization "SEO" and Social Media Optimization "SMO" . SEO and Social Media Marketing will improve traffic on your website which in turn will help with sales and to grow your business. Is it worth doing both SEO and SMO you might ask

As a business, you should always focus on methodologies that offer you the best return on investment (ROI). Here is a introduction to SEO and some of its Benefits


Search Engine Optimization helps businesses rank their web pages. It is easy to carry out but requires patience as Google takes time to rank content on their website. This makes SEO not as cost effective as you need to invest month after month in order to get some results. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get good results

Search Engines can send allot of free traffic to websites with high rankings for your search terms. Traffic is targeted since the Searchers have searched for what your keywords are or what your website has to offer. With continued website marketing and development search engine traffic will increase. You have control over which keywords and search terms you are targeting. Once established, a strong authority website can quickly achieve high rankings for brand new pages you create

Investing in SEO can be good

The long term benefits of a good SEO Marketing campaign are too good to be ignored. SEO enables you to rank your website and get almost unlimited free traffic. SEO traffic is also targeted and provides a lot of targeting with your intended audience. Establishing your brand can help you further improve your SEO rankings as high ranked domains start linking to your brand and boosting your rankings


Social Media Optimization (SMO) is also popular among businesses. SMO is popular because it enables the website or business to bring steady traffic in. SEO, on the other hand, is focused on bringing more traffic but requires time to get going. But, that doesn’t mean SMO lacks traffic. The volume of traffic depends on the popularity of the post or video. It can go viral and provide allot of traffic in a small amount of time

Types of social media involved include RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, video sharing websites and blogging sites


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SMO can be easier than SEO

SMO’s are great for traffic spikes. It can increase greatly when a posting goes viral. Networking is essential to SMO which in turn helps you create a more valuable network of followers. You can start getting high volumes of traffic from day one which can be very important for a new business who wants to gain traction as soon as possible. A robust SMO profile will give you the ability to use it whenever necessary. It may not be as methodical as SEO. But you can do great even with just an average website. SMO’s traffic can be cascading in nature. Once you start getting recognition, you will see gradual improvements over time which can lead to improving visibility and presence in the SMO world

Traffic from Social Media (SMO's)

Anyone can do it. The incoming traffic can be very high. Success can be accomplished from the first day of a new website or blog. There’s no need to wait to become a trusted domain. You can make allot of valuable contacts. A power profile will help you to increase traffic just about whenever you need it (with certain websites). The traffic can start to snowball. Many who are successful draw large audiences. Large audiences can lead to more success with social media and increased visibility. The structure of your website is not all that important like it is with SEO


When you start an e-commerce website, you need visitors or traffic to kick start your business. If you take SEO, you might have to wait a few weeks or months before you start getting a good amount of traffic. Consider starting with Social Media Optimization (SMO). This gives you a head start to your traffic goals and also ensure that people know about your website. Many guides on Online Marketing will focus too heavily on how much SEO is important for Websites. This advice normally is not ideal for websites that are just starting out

Once you are established, and a lot of people know you on social media, you need to start focusing on Search Engine Optimization

SEO The long Term Focus

Even though SMO provides a lot of value regarding investment and result, it is not good to only use it. To get the best result, you need to move into SEO strategy also. As SEO takes time to get the best ranking, you can still start slowly with a limited budget. Start by identifying the keywords and the target audience. Then start building Links. You may still want to talk to a SEO expert. They can help guide you on the how to make the most of your limited budget

Do Both

To get the best result you need to do both. With careful planning and execution, these two work together and can provide the best possible result for the long term run. You can start with small SEO optimization. After that some link building and then Social Media building

Link Building

Links can be built using proper guest posting. However social media profile creation also helps you get some Backlinks that strengthen your e-commerce site SEO. Inbound links are one of the biggest factors for quality SEO traffic. Social traffic may also entice other bloggers or website to write about you which means more inbound links. Both are important and interlinked

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