Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SSM) has become a powerful tool for any website owner or business, Most consumers look for businesses that have a social media website. Social media has become one of the top communications between consumers and businesses. Most businesses know the importance of communication and how social media makes it easier to reach a larger crowd. But what "SSM" can give - It can take away just as fast. Ignoring your target audience, being too controversial or simply using a hash tags incorrectly could cost you

Some of the worst Social Media mistakes a business can make, and how to avoid them

Ignoring Your Audience

Social media gives you the unique opportunity to engage with consumers in a way that is continuously evolving and constantly available. Customers want to feel heard and interaction with immediate reaction. One of the worst things you can do is Nothing! Not responding or with a generic blanket responses is a very big missed opportunity

Not Having A Sound Strategy

Not having a good social media strategy is a mistake. This will allow you to set goals and objectives with which you can measure impact. How you monitor and evaluate your social media channels, content distribution and engagement should be identified in advance. You can address how the company will respond to comments, questions and backlash

Using Hash Tags

Using hashtags just because you think it sounds good is normally a bad idea. Do a search to see how other businesses like yours are using hashtag. Hapless hashtagging is likely to go horribly wrong. However choosing a unique, yet relevant, hashtag for your brand ensures the spotlight remains on your business, and for the right reason

No response to Comments and or Reviews

People want you to respond to them. One mistake business owners make is not responding to reviews and comments. Customers want to identify with companies that respond to them. This will make your customers feel appreciated and considered as caring. Good comments show that it is meeting the expectations, negative comments can help the company improve their services

Internet resources

Going Too Far

For Facebook one of the biggest mistake is publishing articles that will cause your audience to hide the posts. You do not want to be boring, some controversy or edginess is okay but don't go too far. Regularly monitor any feedback, and respond on a timely basis. Once they jump ship you will probably never see them again

Investing For The Long Term

I hate to see a Corporate social media account that used to be active but has dwindled to a random post every few weeks. It may be easy to start a social media channel, but before you do, make sure you have the ability to maintain it

Too Political

While it's important for you and your business to uphold their core values and beliefs. But when commercial social media accounts begin to take to strong political stances they risk losing followers. Refrain from interacting with political posts and avoid being too political by un-following political party organizations or government officials

Turning Social Accounts Into Sales Circulars

Social media is for connecting and building a devoted network. If all your social activity is promoting products and or discounts, you forfeit the opportunity to build relationships, and worse you show your customers to shop with you only when they get a discount

Inconsistent branding

You should have a consistent brand. Customers want to find consistency on social media platforms. Having inconsistency in different social media platforms makes customers not trust your brand. The credibility of the brand will be in question, and that is not good for any company. You should ensure that the business brand remains constant and credible in all platforms to make sure they do not question whether the business is trustworthy

Using social media platforms in the correct manner is beneficial for and website and businesses especially in our growing digital world

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