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With smartphone and smartphone cameras being so popular, with every one snapping pictures. You are guaranteed to fill your phone with hundreds of photos and videos of friends and families. Letting those memories languish on your device unseen by no one but yourself seems like a waste

When you can easily upload them to your very own Photo Album, showing off your pics, or making them into books or letting friends and family print copies. Some of these programs will even allow you to sell your photos right online. To find out which photo app might interest you we listed 11 of the most popular programs

And with our Softaculous automatic script installer. With just a few clicks you can install, try out as many as you like, It is just that simple. With over 450 amazing scripts for Image galleries, E-commerce, blogs, forums, Wikis, social networking, ad management... Available with any of our hosting plans


Zenphoto is considered the most popular CMS when it comes to sharing images. The goal behind Zenphoto is a simple web gallery management tool. The interface is sleek and wonderful, with separate tabs for configuring the different components of your gallery. Zenphoto is also supplemented by numerous templates and plugins (including some that feature integration within WordPress)
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Coppermine is a great multi purpose full featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in the PHP programming language using GD or ImageMagick. Seemingly endless features. Coppermine is one of the most popular web gallery CMS based on PHP scripts. It employs a MySQL back end. It is highly customizable by means of plugins and a perfect choice for creating a photo blog or image gallery online
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A photo gallery for the web, Piwigo is built by an active community of users and developers. Extensions make it easily customizable. Designed for teams, organizations and individuals. With numerous themes and plugins, Piwigo is a popular open source CMS for web gallery management packed with features
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Gallery is a Web based photo album organizer with an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website. Whether you are running a personal site or a large community site. A web based photo album organizer that gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site
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TinyWebGallery is a image and photo script for personal and professional use. Unlike the large photo sharing sites it is very easy to install, extremely user friendly, but still has many of the features of the bigger CMS's
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phpAlbum is another great image hosting script creating your photo gallery in seconds. Just have fun with this photo album
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4images is a powerful photo gallery management system. Including a comment system, user registration, management, password protected, HTML templates, multilingual. It is backed by a strong community of developers and other volunteers who are constantly working on improving the product and expanding its features. 4images uses a templating system that allows you to customize themes and change the layout
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A small photo blog that is easy to. Pixelpost is perfect for photos and blogs, and it does them very well. If you want something simple, then here it is. Created and maintained by bloggers passionate about photography who saw the need to focus on the actual photography through an easy to use and free photoblog tool
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Lychee is a great tool to store your photos. No storage limit, no compression, no loss in data. Supports and display your EXIF and IPTC Metadata. A photo management tool that is very fast and quick. With a very easy to use interface with features like batch editing
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Chevereto A powerful and fast Open Source image hosting program that allows you to create your very own image hosting website like the popular Tinypic and Photobucket
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iGalerie is another open source photo management gallery based on PHP. It offers features like full screen slide-show, RSS feeds. It’s mainly directed at websites that display images and is focused on protecting your images
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Plogger is another great web application not bloated with superfluous features or complicated configuration settings. Simple yet powerful everything you need to share your images with the world. For creating, editing and managing online galleries. Plogger’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to use
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