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  Why build it yourself websites fail

"Build your web site in under an hour"
Most DIY websites are generally just 4 to 5 pages that can fail to engage website visitors...

  Drupal or Joomla or Wordpress

There are numerous CMS platforms which are popular and companies are confused when selecting the right CMS for their needs.
These competing platforms all have their own unique attributes that make it difficult to decide which one to choose

  Best Blogs & Publications to Learn SEO

You must be devoted to the game, constantly learning and educating yourself.
In the fast moving world of SEO the only constant - IS change.

  The Best Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2018

Because the use of unnecessary plugins will slow down your website.
Here is a collection of 13 Best WordPress Plugins you can run on your website.

  Shopify vs. WordPress

Or Shopify Vs. WooCommerce
Which Should You Choose? Both platforms are outstanding E-commerce options that offer similar options.
Your choice will depend on what you want out of your ecommerce website.

  What is SSL or HTTPS and is it important?

HTTPS offers an extra layer of security because it uses SSL Secure Sockets Layer,
a computing protocol that ensures the security of data sent via the Internet by using encryption.

  How to Remove Yourself From People Search Directories

Search engines collected billions of pages of information on the Internet
And made them available for any of us to find, review and use

  Difference Between Domain Names And Web Hosting

It is very common to be confused between a domain name and web hosting.
However, it is very important to be crystal clear...

  Why Your Email Address Matters

After spending time deciding on the best domain name to represent your business,
adopting a generic Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email account will not create the professional image you’re looking for.

  Tips To Improve Your Website

It has never been more important to have a great-looking website
However with so many website building tools enabling anyone to make a website...

  The Best Blogging Platforms

There are a ridiculous number of blogging platforms, applications and software to use today.
Which one should you use?
We have listed some of the best and free blogging platforms for you to consider.

  Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

We all learn from our own mistakes.
If it's about hosting your personal or commercial website, you can't afford making a single mistake.
An hour of downtime can not only cost you

  Importance Of Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile friendly websites are built to automatically adapt to whatever device is viewing the site.
Whether visiting from your phone, a personal computer, a laptop, a tablet...

  Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Your personal or professional website is all about making a strong first impression.
Choose a domain name for your website that looks as great as your work

  Need a Website Redesign?

Why Consider a Website Redesign
The following are some signs that your website may benefit from a redesign

  What is cPanel Hosting?

A web based hosting graphical interface control panel and automation tools
designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site

  SEO Tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tasks that any business can undertake.
Called SEO for short

  Google Search Tricks & Tips

Google has numerous hidden tricks you will want to know. Here are some of the most useful Google search tricks
From basic tips to new features just recently released.

  WordPress Website Hacked?

If you believe your WordPress website has been hacked it is important to remember
there are many different things you can do to save your website.

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