How Do I Transfer my Domain Name?

Using your own Domain with RSH Web Hosting

DNS Change with Website Transfer Only

Updated: January 7, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Using my own Domain

While all of RSH Website Hosting plans come with a free For Life Domain Registration
Not just the first year like other hosting companies. But as long as your website is being hosted with us.

You are most welcome to use a Domain you already own. Below you will find steps to allow you to do this, it's not that hard to do.

RSH Web Domain Transferring

When using a Domain Name you already own. There are 2 different processes you can take.

Website Transfer Only. Changing Name Servers (DNS)

This is transferring your website pages, files, images and or Email Accounts. Then, only changing your Name Servers so your Domain Points to RSH Web Services. Your domain registration remains with your current Domain Registrar


Changing your Domain Registrar

The second choice you have is to transfer your Domain Name to RSH Web Services for management and renewals.

All transfers automatically add another year domain renewal at no charge to you.

Once I sign up, what is next?

Once you have signed up for our hosting account, we will email you all the necessary steps to log in to your website account. This may be by FTP, cPanel or if a CMS like WordPress. If you requested a Domain Registrar transfer. All the necessary DNS and Domain Technical changes you need will be sent. RSH Web will help with every part of this step.

How do I change the Name Server info? (DNS)

If you requested your Domain to be transferred to RSH Web, we will help with changing Name Servers.

If staying with your current Registrar, you will need to just change the Name Server information to ours.

The Name Servers are simply a data file that contains the details of all the resources for your Domain Name. This may include the web server, mail server, ftp server, etc. Once the DNS changes are made, all requests for your domain name can then be redirected to your hosting account. It is important that your new hosting account is set up first, website pages, files, images uploaded, and email accounts also set up before your DNS is changes. In this way, you should experience NO downtime at all.

To change Name Servers. Login to your current Domain Management panel at your domain registrar.

After you are logged in, look for the option to change your Name Server information.

Every Registrar has a different way of doing this. If you are unable to locate this feature, you will need to contact your Domain Registrar for further assistance.

Look for the fields that let you edit the Primary Name Server and Secondary Name Server settings. Change the existing DNS to RSH Web Name Servers. This may take 24-72 hours for the Name Server changes to fully propagate.

Transferring from Specific Hosting Companies

Domain Transfer - GoDaddy
Domain Transfer - Wix
Domain Transfer - Network Solutions
Domain Transfer - Namecheap
Domain Transfer - Squarespace
Domain Transfer - MonoVM
Domain Transfer - Hover
Domain Transfer - DreamHost
Domain Transfer -
Domain Transfer - 1&1 IONOS
Domain Transfer - SiteGround
Domain Transfer - Bluehost
Domain Transfer - A2 Hosting
Domain Transfer -
Domain Transfer - HostPapa.


Domain Name Technical Contact

RSH Web Services does not require you to list us as the Technical Contact. Some Hosting Providers do require this. They just like to see their Names associated with as many Domains as they can. It does nothing else but this. If any problems ever arise the Admin Email address is used, this also includes and renewal notices. And with our Free Private Registration Services, everything remains private. Always make sure you keep the Admin email address current. Always.

Domain Name Search

Find out instantly if your Domain Name is available. Then register it before someone else grabs it.

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