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Updated: January 15, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Domains for Financial Companies

How important is the right domain name for financial companies

Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, and everyone else who has a business involving money. There are now many new Domain Name choices available beyond .com for your website.

Some new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are generic. But many are specific to types of businesses and people, including those in the financial industry.

Google will not penalize new domain extensions

Google, which itself has applied for and owns many new domain extensions like .how has clearly explained into this field as well. In one of their articles in that they post:
“Our systems treat new gTLDs just like other gTLDs like .com and .org”.

And even outlines ways of moving your existing website to a new extension without greatly impacting search rankings or history.

Listed are the most popular financial TLDs available


One of the most expensive domains to register. We will not suck you in with a cheap first year registration, then surprise you with the renewal fee. You know up front what the pricing is. But with that being said. The .Financial domain extension allows you to create relevant, memorable, and branded domain names for the financial industry. It's a great way to market your services to a specific audience and stand out from the competition. More than 7,300 Domain Names registered.



If your career involves balancing the books, then .accountant is the ideal domain name. More than 1,500 Domain Names registered.


The domain extension ".bid" that provides a relevant community for such things as online bidding and selling virtually anything. More than 16,400 Domain Names registered.


Another new domain extensions that make the most sense for your ".business". More than 29,600 Domain Names registered.


Make it rain with .cash. This fun domain name tells the world that your business involves money. It’s great for companies that deal in cash for items such as used clothes, gold coins and jewelry, and used cars. It can also be used by lenders, banks, or any business in the finance industry. More than 19,200 Domain Names registered.


Other benefits of adopting this .company domain extensions include: The ability to create easy to remember domains, amplify brand awareness and to access information about your ".company" and its services. More than 77,800 Domain Names registered.


Domain names such as .capital will allow your customers to find you easily and give your brand image a boost. Get your message across instantly. More than 25,000 Domain Names registered.

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Another great domain extension for credit agencies and other financial institutions. This domain works for companies and organizations that promote their credit, management or consulting services. More than 5,500 Domain Names registered.


The domain name .fund is ideal for two types of domain name companies: investment firms that manage a fund or funds and any type of loan company. It’s also appropriate for other types of companies. More than 21,000 Domain Names registered.


A domain extension for networking within a particular "group" or across different groups, showing events that are happening within a certain group or community of groups, and helping groups and communities communicate with each other and with members. More than 94,400 Domain Names registered.


".institute" is perfect for any online website business or organization that brands itself as an institute. Skilled trade institutes and cosmetology schools will find .INSTITUTE to be particularly useful. More than 14,600 Domain Names registered.


The versatile domain name .loan is great for all types of lenders including mortgage brokers, banks and credit unions. They are a great .loan domain option, so you might want to buy this extension. More than 5,800 Domain Names registered.


A .market domain name could apply to any place where goods are bought and sold. It could be a grocery store or farmers market. Sell your goods from your website with a .market website. More than 21,700 Domain Names registered.


.Money is a domain extension for all things finance. Financial analysts, advisers, investments and banks. Whatever your business is, .money will easily show what your brand identity is. More than 17,800 Domain Names registered.

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The web just got bigger with .online. Get your website ".online". More than 1,849,100 Domain Names registered.


Tax domains are intended for accountants, service business, banks, and ant type of website offering financial advice. Do you do tax returns? What domain could be better. More than 10,200 Domain Names registered.


If you are a financial planner trading platform or analyst, the .trade domain is for you. It’s also a good domain name for non-financial companies, such as sellers of fair trade products. More than 19,300 Domain Names registered.

Put your domain to work

All of these financial domain names work just like .com Domains. Your customers will find your site on Google with its descriptive domain extension that tells visitors that you’re in the money business. You can also use them for your email address just like other domain names for that REAL Professional looking Email address

Already have a Domain Name that works?

Consider registering one of these domain names to create a shortcut directing your customers to your social media sites.

Or register the domain and use RSH Web Domain Forwarding Services to send visitors to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or anywhere you please.

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