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Updated: October 28, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Sports Domain Names

All things Sport Related

Starting a sports related blog? A sporting news website?
A site that sells sporting goods? Maybe a sports related coaching website?
Or another website that is connected to sports?

Consider having your website's domain name a "Sports" Domain
This would ensure that it is always seen as a Sports website, and will be highly remembered for this.

Choosing a descriptive Domain Name extension (Top Level Domain) will make your website topic known even before they even visit it.

Here are 24 "Sports" related Domain Names you can Register at RSH Web Services.

Sports Domains for your Website.


This domain is good for cycling as well as motorbiking. Bicycling clubs, bike shops, and online stores can benefit from .bike domains. More than 16,900 Domain Names registered.

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Creating a website for your sports team? .Club or .Team are natural choices. More than 39,000 Team Domain Names registered.


The .coach Domain Name is a great extension for any person, team or organization associated with coaching in any way, whether it be in sports, athletics, academics, or career mentoring. More than 22,600 Domain Names registered.


Is one of the most popular sports in the world, and this domain name will help set your Cricket website apart from the crowd. More than 1,200 Domain Names registered.


Why choose a .fans domain extension? Celebrities fan pages, Fans of TV shows, books, movies, FANS can also work for anyone promoting an interest or lifestyle, or maybe a business that happens to actually sells "Fans". More than 6,800 Domain Names registered.


The "fishing." Domain Name extension is just a great way for "Anglers" all over the world to easily connect with those who share their passion for one of the world's most popular activities. What about your own "Fishing Blog". More than 1,800 Domain Names registered.


This Domain Extension shows that you are all about being "Fit" and for all fitness lovers, whether amateur or professional. This is also ideal for featuring sports equipment, nutrition advice, workout tips or guidance for a healthier living. More than Domain Names registered.


Choose from either of these domain extensions for a site about exercise, nutrition, physical fitness and more. You can even register both domains: use one as your main website address and forward the other domain to your main website. More than 50,000 Domain Names registered.


A timely name as we enter American Football season, but it’s also good for the type of football that you actually play with your feet. More than 5,800 Domain Names registered.


Round out your soccer website with this .futbol domain names to reach audiences worldwide. More than 2,200 Domain Names registered.


Golf courses, trainers and Pro Shops are adopting the .golf domain name. More than 13,000 Domain Names registered.


If your hobby is the most exciting sport played on ice, then .hockey might be the right domain name for you. Many .hockey domains are still available. For example, hockey stick maker Flex uses the domain More than 1,500 Domain Names registered.



How about a Domain just for your thoroughbred horse? Or it is stock cars you're into? Or racing in a triathlon? For fans, competitors or those who are just part of this industry, .racing domain names give you the opportunity to tell the world what you are about before they even see your website. More than 3,800 Domain Names registered.


Yes, there’s even a domain name for sports like rodeo . More than 1,200 Domain Names registered.


This is perfect for stores, running clubs, footwear and race event organizers. For example, race directory Running in the USA uses the domain "". More than 24,200 Domain Names registered.


Whether your type of skiing is on snow or water, a .ski domain will help your website stand out. More than 5,800 Domain Names registered.


For that site dedicated to the sport of Soccer, a .soccer Domain allows you to increase your online presence with a domain name that is memorable and easy to search for. More than 3,100 Domain Names registered.


Hit the surf with a .surf domain name. Great for surfers, board manufacturers, and even inland surf parks. More than 16,400 Domain Names registered.


It is not always about sports. Any group can be considered a team. Businesses, organizations, clubs and online communities. Or maybe just looking to bring all the right people together. More than 38,700 Domain Names registered.


Add a .tennis domain to your tennis-related site. As an example, Tennis Australia (the governing body for Tennis in Australia) uses More than 1,900 Domain Names registered.

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From that very first look, the .TICKETS Domain Name tells them who you are and what you do. This is the online destination for all the new shows and events in town. This domain is being enthusiastically adopted by ticketing industry, E-commerce, entertainment, sports and travel. More than 780 Domain Names registered.


On the job "training"?, Certification "training"? Sports "training"? MMA "training"? Any type of online training you offer. "Training" is what you do. "Training" is your Domain. Put it in your web address too! More than 22,300 Domain Names registered.


Choose a win Domain Name. Companies offering contests, sweepstakes, and offers can use this domain as a targeted landing page for their website. Lotteries can use this domain to encourage individuals to participate. Use .WIN for any websites to show that it is great fun. More than 68,900 Domain Names registered.


If downward dog is in your vocabulary, then .yoga is the right domain for you. Yoga is perfect for yoga instructors and studios. More than 14,700 Domain Names registered.

What if you already have a Website?

If you already have a website with a different domain (like .com or org.), you can still enjoy the benefits of a sports-related domain name.

You can also register new domains and forward them to your main Website with our Domain forwarding services
An example might be a Domain Name forwarding to your "Blog" posts.

Or how about an email address with one of these Sport domain extensions?

RSH Web's availability of different Domain Name Extensions here.

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Find out instantly if your Domain Name is available. Then register it before someone else grabs it.

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