Domain Name Taken

You are finally ready to launch your business website
You chose the perfect domain name and you’re ready to start the process

But wait. You use a domain name search tool only to find is not available
How could this happen?
How could your domain name be taken?

It happens allot these days
"Dot Com" domain names can be hard to come by
The number of domain registrations worldwide has surpassed 342.3 million
While you might think "your" name is a original one most all of the “good” names are already taken

Someone is probably already using it for a website, or they just might liked the name and wanted to claim it. Maybe they have a future business idea that they haven’t yet pursued. There are several reasons why the domain name you want may not be available. Don’t panic yet – there are other options

You can try to purchase your domain from the current owner if they’re willing to sell and how much you’re able to pay

If your business name is already trademarked by another company, you probably don’t want to get into legal issues or even cause customer confusion. This may be a sign you need to start fresh with a new name

If the .com version of the domain you want is taken, there are other alternatives. Start brainstorming with our list of creative ideas to do if your domain name is taken

Insert words before or after your company name

Let’s say the domain name was Try or Experiment with variations that tend to work with your business name, but keep it simple

Add an action word

A simple modification, but this can be a real game changer. Let’s take Amy's Cat Food as the company name. You can’t find any other businesses by that name, but is taken. Play with add-on verbs like, or Not only does it work, but it provides a not so subtle call to action message

Include a relevant term that isn’t quite your company name

Let’s say your company name is Light House Photos but is not available. Play around with ideas like,, or

Try incorporating geography

Incorporating cities, countries or even states won’t always work in every case, but it can be a relevant way to narrow down your domain options. If you have a Detroit based Rock Band named Boom Town Rats but is taken. Instead, could work.

Try a New Word

There is a lot of competition for Domain Names that other people might think of. You could always redesign your domain or business name completely by inventing a new word. Think about it. Google pulled it off! So did Zillow and Zazzle and Yahoo…

With online Domain Tools

Inspiration running out? Don’t despair. Try using a domain name search tools to auto-generate domain names

Use a different Domain Name Extension

If you really want that domain name and the alternatives are just not working for you, you can always use a different domain extension. "Dot Com" is the most common, but the range of TLDs (Top Level Domains) continues to grow. With hundreds of TLDs available there are more to choose from than ever before. Many visitors may never even realize that you’re NOT a ".com"
If visitors comes from referral links like social media and Search Engines to your website. They will most likely not notice your domain extension. Some of the more common extensions you’ve probably seen are .biz, .net., .org, .us .pro. But there are also options for various industries, like: .clothing, .pizza, .florist, .technology, .coffee, .agency, .online
For more on the various TLDs check out this article from Wikipedia
Generic Top level Domain Names from Wikipedia
Country Code Top level Domain Names from Wikipedia

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Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Whether you’re brainstorming to modify your domain just enough to find a relevant and available .com or if you’re starting from scratch Be memorable. If people can remember your name, they will be able to find you online easily Keep it simple, short and sweet. Try to keep it to one or two words and avoid tricky words that might be difficult to spell. Avoid hyphens dashes or intentional misspellings. That will only complicates matters. Stay relevant. Your domain name should imply what your company does. If someone already owns a trademark, stay away from it If you’re deciding on a new domain name and will also be setting up social media accounts, make sure that the appropriate handles are available so you can keep everything looking consistent

Have fun with your domain name selection and remember that it doesn’t have to be a permanent choice. Your original domain may one day become available, if you choose to make the transition. The important thing is a simple, memorable and relevant domain name is always better

And if all else fails please remember we are always here to help. Let RSH Web Services find a Domain Name that may just work best for your business or personal website
Contact us and see what we can do, Thank you

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