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Schedule a post for publication at a later date

Updated: January 25, 2021
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff
WordPress Posts

Scheduling WordPress Posts

WordPress has the ability to schedule your posts to be published at a future time

This can be a very useful feature, but slightly hidden which is why many people do not even know it is there

schedule wordpress posts

By scheduling your posts, you never have to worry about publishing your articles at a specific time. You can finish writing and then schedule it to be published on the day and time that you choose

Scheduling WordPress posts is an easy way to control when your content is published. Use the built-in WordPress post scheduler to add a time to publish

The WordPress posts scheduling feature is found in the Publish box on the upper right side of the post editor page

To schedule a post for publication, click the edit link next to Publish

You will now see a drop down option to select the month, date and year to publish the post, even the exact hour and minute

For example, if you’d like to publish this post at 8 a.m. tomorrow, select tomorrow’s date, set the time for 8 a.m., and click Ok. You will now see the Schedule button has appeared

Click the Schedule button and you’ll see the status of this post has changed to scheduled with details for the exact date and time it will be published to your blog

If you change your mind and want to publish this post immediately, click the Edit link next to the scheduled publish time. Just update the time to today’s date and the current time and this will immediately publish the post

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