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Updated: June 2, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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WordPress Managing Comments

Managing Comments in WordPress

With WordPress, your site visitors can leave comments on posts and pages.

Managing comments in WordPress is quite similar to the way posts and pages are managed.

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From the WordPress Dashboard, click the "Comments" page. This screen is customizable in the same ways as other WordPress management screens.

A yellow row means the comment is waiting for you to moderate it. You can act on comments using the "on-hover" action links or the Bulk Actions.

In the Author column, in addition to the author’s name, email address, and blog URL, the commenter’s IP address is shown. Clicking on this link will show you all the comments made from that IP address.

In the "Comment" column, each comment includes Submitted on information, followed by the date and time the comment was left on the website. Clicking the date/time link will take you to that comment on the site. Hovering over any comment gives you options to approve, reply (and approve), quick edit, edit, spam mark, or trash that comment.

In the "In Response To" column, there are three elements
The "Text" is the name of the post that comment is assigned to
"Links" to the post editor for that entry
The "View Post" link leads back to that post on your live site. This small bubble with the number shows the number of approved comments that post has received. If the bubble is gray, you have moderated all comments for that post. If it is blue, there are pending comments. Clicking the bubble will filter the comments screen to show only comments on that post.

Managing Comments in WordPress: Dashboard Home Screen

Another way to manage comments is from the WordPress Dashboard home screen. You will see recent comments and you can quickly and easily approve, reply, edit, mark as spam or trash by hovering over these links.

WordPress Comment Settings

Do not forget you can change your Comment or Discussion settings from within the WordPress settings menu. This page allows you to make changes to the details of comments made on your site, plus the ability to blacklist comments to help manage spam comments.

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