With hundreds of Content Management Systems to choose from, WordPress is still the most popular. Estimating that at least 35% of all Websites are powered by WordPress

Why is WordPress the preferred Content Management System?

It is more than just a CMS. Evolving into a platform where you can publish practically any type of website

How Managed WordPress Differs from Standard Hosting

WordPress first needs to be installed. Traditionally WordPress was installed fist by downloading the software from WordPress, Then installing it to your web host account, and undergoing a series of technical steps to complete the installation. This can be a very intense and time consuming task

With cPanel and Softaculous the WordPress installation process has been simplified to just a few clicks

Managed WordPress Hosting

This differs from traditional installations in that RSH Web handles the entire installation for you. Back ups and Updates are automatic when needed or desired. Our web servers are configured and optimized for WordPress websites. And with the SSD technology your website can handle unexpected spikes in traffic and is less likely to experience slowdowns

WordPress Hosting vs Other Site Builders

To stay competitive with the overwhelming amount of "drag and drop" website builders now available today, WordPress stays ahead of the competition by always updating itself. With their philosophy being: We will take care of the WordPress technicalities, So you can just build the website you want. And while website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Duda, Squarespace might claim speed, ease of use, price...
There are many limitations regarding their functionality, design options, scalability, SEO readiness (or complete lack of) and expert support. WordPress on the other hand offers thousands of themes that you can easily customize yourself. Many of these themes and pluginsare free through WordPress.org. While third-party developers offer many more premium options

It will be worth investing your time with WordPress

And by using RSH Web Managed WordPress, you are not spending time installing or learning how hosting works or solving the headaches that often come from installations. Instead, you are using your time to design, build, market and grow your on-line presence

WordPress is famous for constantly undergoing updates by volunteers from all over the world. Ever evolving to meet new designs and functionality requirements as well as responsive mobile friendly websites, social media and more

website information

Many Benefits, Few Limitations

Sure, it may take some time to acclimate to WordPress, but once you do, the benefits far outweigh any of the limitations. Take a look at what you can expect from managed WordPress hosting:


WordPress Servers are WordPress-configured and only run on SSD drives

Total security

Featuring security that scans for malware and hackers with Firewalls and free SSL

Free Backups

Keeping the website you created safe and sound

Automatic updates

It is always important to regularly update WordPress

No downtime

Regardless of how much traffic your website gets, it will not go down or slow down

Improved user experience

User friendly WP dashboards and cPanels are especially useful for those with multiple websites

If you are looking for a Affordable WordPress hosting solution look no further than RSH Web Services making the installation and technical side of things almost completely hands off for you

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