Facebook vs a Website

Over 40% of small businesses do not have a website

There are many reasons companies choose not to create a website. For example, many Small Business owners can not afford to pay someone to build their site, and their lack of time and technical expertise make it less likely they’ll build one themselves

Plus why would you want to build a website that has numerous costs like a domain name, web hosting services, web designers, SEO marketing campaigns, website updates and maintenance
When you could setup a Social Media page or pages for your business with Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram … for FREE?

Instead, some businesses opt to build a Facebook page or utilize other social media as their main online presence instead of creating a website

But having just a Facebook page can mean lost business and added headaches. And it is now easier and cheaper than ever to create a website


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Facebook is no longer the "Only Good Solution"

While Facebook pages are an easy way for many small business owners to have an online presence, there are many reasons why this isn’t the best solution for most businesses

The Domain or URL you’ll need to give people to access your page just does not look very professional. Take RSH Web Services Face Book address:
Verses our Website UL:
Which would you rather see on your business cards

You will not have a email account with Facebook, you will lose out on a professional looking email address to also add to your business cards. People who rely on Facebook tend to give out Gmail, Yahoo, or even Hotmail email addresses to customers and clients. Without a Website or a good email address, you give the impression that you do not really take your business seriously. Facebook only shows your posts to some of your customers and fans. You have to pay advertising fees to reach more. So while pages are free to set up, building an audience costs quite a bit of money on an ongoing basis. You do not actually “own” your web presence; you are at the mercy of Facebook and the decisions it makes to boost its bottom line. You ca not reach customers who do not use Facebook

The bottom line: if you want your business to grow and be successful, a dedicated website is the best solution. And once you build your site, you can link it to your Facebook page to build your audience twice as fast

Having a Website is easier than ever today
Fortunately, the process of building a website takes less time, costs less, and is easier than ever, so there’s no excuse not to have your own website
RSH Web Services offers a number of apps that make it easy to build a website and get a professional email address

While you’re building your website, here are two tips to get the most out of Facebook without being locked into the Facebook platform

Register a domain name. And then have it forward it to your Facebook page

Plus it is much shorter, easier to remember and will look good on your Business card. When you decide to build your own website you already have a domain name ready to go

So what are you waiting for?
With our Hosting packages you can have a new website up and running before you know it

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