Bootstrap vs. CSS

Bootstrap vs. CSS Grid

Bootstrap is an immensely popular open-source framework used by millions of developers to build responsive and mobile-first web apps. Bootstrap made it a lot easier for developers to easily and quickly develop layouts for their web apps. However, the launch of CSS Grid paved way for a new method for layout creation. Since then, web developers are undecided on which method is the best choice for creating layouts

Several web developers claim that the use of CSS grid made the process of layout creation a lot simpler and a whole lot cleaner. Another argument in favor of CSS is the source order independence, which allows you to rearrange the layout without worrying about how HTML was written

On the other hand, others argue that Bootstrap still remains the best choice when it comes to layout creation. Both CSS Grid and Bootstrap has their fair share of pros and cons when it comes to creating layouts. Still, we firmly believe that Bootstrap is the better choice due to the following reasons

Simple Markup

There is an argument that using Bootstrap made HTML markup very complex. This is what encouraged several developers to choose CSS over Bootstrap. However, the reality is that the use of Bootstrap will not complicate your HTML markup. In fact, Bootstrap have eliminated the need to add additional media queries and CSS extensions too


The grid system of Bootstrap is an integral tool that will help you to arrange layouts for different screen sizes. All you need to do is to use a few built-in tools of Bootstrap like flexbox ordering and responsive column classes for adjusting layouts. In this case also, you will not need to write any additional media queries or CSS class definitions. Since there are 5 grid breakpoints in Bootstrap, you will be able to make layouts that fit across different devices

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12 Column Limitation Has Been Lifted

The grid system of Bootstrap framework is divided into 12 columns. One of the major issues with the 12-column system was that it was impossible to create columns that doesn’t add up to 12. However, this shortcoming was resolved in the latest version of Bootstrap by introducing a unit-less grid system. The standard 12-column system can now be used along with auto-layout columns. This implies that you will be able to create any number of columns you want

Bootstrap Makes Working With Older Sites Easy

Most developers will have to work on a number of older websites whose code has been written by others. A major percent of the websites (around 18% of Top million websites) that you see across the web heavily relies on the Bootstrap framework. This means that several older websites that you will have to work on will be probably using Bootstrap. So, if you have a good knowledge on Bootstrap (for a comprehensive tutorial, take a look at Bootstrap 4 tutorial), it will come in handy when you are working on future projects


It is evident that Bootstrap will continue to be an integral part of web development for a very long time. Rest assured, Bootstrap will be around us for a long time and makes the process of creating layouts for web much easier, it would be advisable to stay with Bootstrap

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