Horde vs Roundcube

cPanel contains several different webmail applications
The 2 that are used as the default apps are Horde and Roundcube
These applications are all integrated within cPanel to allow quick and easy access to your email with zero configuration.

The best way to see the difference between Horde, Roundcube, is by reviewing the Feature's table below

Roundcube or Horde - The Comparison


If you are looking for nice appearance and easy to use functions, We like Roundcube
Roundcube provides user friendly and fairly intuitive interface for your emails compared to others

Roundcube has features such as calendars, folders, full featured address book with groups and LDAP connectors, "find as you type" address book integration as well as MIME support


Is the most fully featured Email Client and it has similar functions to Outlook. If you are looking for email with more complete features then Horde just might do. Horde comes with features such as calendar, task list, notebook, address book, and more. The email management system includes support for advanced filters, attachments, spell checking, and displays HTML emails

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The Horde Project

Roundcube Webmail Project

Interface type

Email has a three-pane format with view pane
Dashboard shows a summary of the email, calendar, filters, tasks, and notes
Mobile interface is available
Choice of Inbox formats, including Three-pane with email preview

Composition features

HTML composition
Spell check (multiple languages)
Attach contact information
Send to contact lists
HTML composition
No Spell Check
Send to contact groups

Organization features

Folder manipulation
Mail filters
Message flags
Search mail
Threaded conversation view
Drag-and-drop organization
Folder manipulation
Message flags
Search mail
Threaded conversation view
Privacy Protection

Additional features:

Address book
Task list
Event reminders
Weather widget
Web page widget
Web bookmarks
Address book with LDAP
Contact management
Sender Identities
System administrators can use plugins to add custom features, such as the calendar module

Recommended for

Users who need a full suite of features that includes mobile email access and advanced productivity tools
Users who need a user-friendly web interface with some additional features available
Large plugins collection available for system Admins and Enterprise users


Horde Webmail App

This is great for users who require a full suite of features including mobile email access and advanced productivity tools
The interface looks modern and is very easy to use

Roundcube Webmail App

While more limited in features, this appears to be the most popular webmail application
The interface looks modern, and it is also very easy to use
The software is actively being developed with new features and security updates
For enterprise users, there is API integration and a full selection of plugins to extend its functionality

With Softaculous Auto Installer you also have 8 other choices of online Webmail clients

WebMail Lite    SquirrelMail    RainLoop Webmail

Dada Mail    Postfix Admin   OpenNewsletter

Webinsta Maillist   phpList

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I Personally like RainLoop Webmail Which we will gladly install to any of our hosting accounts for you

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