Scratch? Website Template? or CMS?

Building a Website from scratch, from a Template
Or considering one of the hundreds of CMS available?

Updated: May 2, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Website Template

Developing your website

Should You Develop It from Scratch, Or Stick with The Chosen CMS, Or Go for A Template?

Investing in a website is one of the many decisions you have to take to earn money from the web. A wide majority of us are confused between building their website from scratch, using a CMS (Content Management System)or purchasing a website template for saving time.

Although experienced developers have their biases. We should compare these choices ourselves to know what is best.

Hand Coding

To start with, let us explain some reasons for building a website without a CMS or a template. Developers who want to create unique or complex functionality that has still not been covered under any third-party solution must create the websites by hand. This technique would not be practical for people with little to no technical or coding knowledge. It would be better to hire professionals to create a website that is unique. The extra efforts with hand coding might boost the cost of the project. But the returns can be greater than a CMS or cookie cutter templates that most hosting companies offer.

Advantages of Hand Coding

This is the designer's choice for creating a website that has specific requirements. This type of websites cannot be created through a template or a CMS. It provides you with a hundred percent control over the site. This includes coding that Google likes and will rank your pages better.

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Disadvantages of Hand Coding

The disadvantages are many, there is an extensive learning curve to learn the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP,, SQL, XHTML, Ruby, Python to mention a few. Along with the time it takes to learn the correct code, the slightest error in the syntax of the code can cause a whole website to improperly load or to be missing elements. Also, Hand Coding can be more time-consuming to update web pages it can be more costly.


CMS or also called a Content Management System is a set of related programs or a software application which is handy for the creation and management of digital content. Primarily, this platform is preferred for WCM (Web Content Management) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The application allows the user to access the website as per a role assigned in the beginning. It includes document management, records retention, and digital asset management that immensely help the author.

Pros of CMS

You will be able to create a unique website as per your brand and the needs of your business. The website will mainly be search engine friendly. The owner finds it easy to manage the website with little outside help from anywhere in the world. You can change the website as per the dynamics of your business. The website will work in all the browsers available to the customers. A professional web developer can include new functions as per your needs.

Cons of CMS

A CMS-based website will be more expensive than a template in almost all conditions. The owner has no control over the crashes and ineffectiveness of the CMS provider. The flexibility of the website depends upon the plan you purchase. You can stumble upon formatting, CSS and HTML errors, no image compression, out of proportion images, deviation from the style guide, etc. Time, skills and staff are required to maintain the website. It is unsuitable for websites that will not be used regularly.


It is a set of HTML Web pages or a pre-designed web page which can be used by anybody for attaching images and text content in a website. It allows a person to create a site without the help of professional developers through HTML or CSS code
One can build a personal or professional looking website using services like Wrappixel to get the template of their choice for a very low price (often for free) and enlist quickly in various search engines to start their business
Typically, a user does not have to edit the layout or the design elements, as the templates are complete in themselves.

Pros of using a Template

The website can be created in a concise period compared to CMS development. In the majority of cases, the cost of a template is much less than other methods of a website's creation. Templates are great for start-ups and new projects. Anybody can create a site without knowledge about HTML or CSS. The template provider will support you through forums, telephonic communication, tutorials, live chat or support ticket systems. You can pay for getting direct and instant support from the template provider. There is hardly any delay as the templates are not technical, and you see immediate results
Many established template providers do offer well-coded web design templates for creating professional-level websites. These developers also provide built-in SEO features for the website’s promotion.

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Cons of using a Template

It is possible that a great number of websites and even your competitors might be using the same template. Without the use of a CMS platform, you are not able to customize the site as much. Some templates are not search engine friendly. Their support system is limited. Some may not work on all browsers. Images have to be adjusted as per the pre-existing size chart of the template.


After investigating the three different options, it is clear that CMS's cater to a greater audience.

For those who are creating their first website or just trying to get the hang of managing a site, a template can be a better option. It is an uncomplicated tool for creating a site in a matter of hours.

However, people with a specific taste must go for a hand-coded website, for they are creating something new through a considerable investment.

People who are looking for external support can try out CMS services. Websites like WordPress and Joomla are famous names that have helped millions in creating a site while aiding them to manage it smoothly.

All in all, there is no clear answer that will suit everyone, but if you are looking to host your website, look no further than our best website hosting services.

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