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Updated: May 2, 2022
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Deleting Saved Passwords

Unfortunately, saved passwords in your Browsers often are not very secure. And many browsers allow anyone with physical or remote access to your Device to view all your saved passwords. Yes is very convenient to save your passwords. And let's face it, everybody does it. But think about what happens if they fall into the wrong hands?

Almost all Browsers and Devices can be hacked. Which is why we recommend that you do not store your passwords in your Browsers.

Why Delete your Passwords?

Saved passwords can be easily accessed by third parties and even a friend borrowing your laptop. They might not do much damage by accessing your social media accounts. But a more savvy (or questionable) friend just might know that almost every Browser will let them see your passwords. And they do not even need to be on the Internet to view them.

They also could also access your accounts such as your bank credentials, email, PayPal.

Storing Passwords Can Make all Devices Vulnerable

If someone is trying to acquire your account information, they may not need to physically access your devices. Many viruses and malware can steal your password list remotely. If successful, the person responsible for those attacks has access your accounts and any sites you have saved those credentials for.

Also, depending on your surfing habits, they may be able to retrieve the log-in information for other more sensitive data. If you sell your computer without properly deleting all data, the new user can retrieve your credentials.

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Deleting Passwords on your PC or Laptop

No matter the reason or browser, deleting your saved passwords only takes a few clicks
Below we have listed the most popular browser.


Find, change, or delete saved passwords in Safari on your Mac
Open Safari. From the Safari menu, choose Preferences, then click Passwords. Sign in with Touch ID, or enter your user account password. You can also authenticate your passwords with your Apple Watch
To see a password, select a website. To update a password, select a website, click Details, update the password, then click Done. To delete a saved password, select a website, then click Remove
You can also use Siri to view your passwords by saying something like "Hey Siri, show my passwords".

Windows 10

Copy the below line
rundll32.exe keymgr.dll,KRShowKeyMgr
Open the run box and paste the above line in. This will show a link to the keymgr.dll. Clicking on it will open a window with all your saved passwords
You can choose whether to add a new credential, remove it or edit it. You can also back up the stored usernames and passwords if you’re interested in it. To do this, click on the “Back up” button and follow the steps on the wizard.

Windows 7/8/XP

To manage the stored usernames in Windows 7, 8 and XP
Click “Start” and then the “Control Panel”. In the “Control Panel”, click on “User Accounts”. Select “Manage your Credential”. All your saved usernames and passwords will be displayed on screen. With “Credential Manager”, you can add a username and password, edit it, delete it, back up the credentials or restore them from a previous copy.

Google Chrome

Select the "Profile" icon and click on "Passwords". To delete your password, click on the 3-dot menu button and select "Remove".

Mozilla Firefox

Select the "Menu" icon and then "Options". A new tab will open. From the panel on the left-hand side, click "Privacy and Security", scroll down to "Forms & Passwords", then click "Saved Logins". A new window will pop up. Select the website and password you would like to delete and click "Remove" or "Remove All" if you want to delete all passwords.

Internet Explorer

On the Menu bar, select "Tools" and then "Internet Options". A new window will pop up. Click "Content" tab and then "Settings". Click "Manage Passwords". A new window will open. Click on "Web credentials". Then click on the drop-down arrow next to the website and password you would like to delete and click "Remove".

Apple Safari

Open Safari and select "Preferences". Click on the "Passwords" key icon to see all of your saved passwords. It may prompt you to enter your account password before you are allowed to edit it. Then select the website and password you would like to delete and click "Remove". A new window will pop up. Click "Remove" to confirm.

MS Edge

Open Edge, then select "Settings and More". Then on "Settings" and go to "Privacy and Security". Under Clear Browsing Data, select "Choose What to Clear". Select "Passwords" and click on Clear


Open an Opera window. Click on the Opera logo in the top left corner. Select "Settings" and go to the "Advanced" section. Click on "Privacy and Security" and find the Passwords and forms section. Click on "Passwords" and a new tab will open up. You’ll see various passwords saved on the browser. Click on the three dots next to each password and select Remove. To clear all passwords, go to Privacy and Security and click on Clear Browsing Data. Go to the Advanced tab and under Clear Browsing Data, select “Passwords and other Sign-in Data” Click on the Clear Data button.

Deleting Passwords on your Mobile Device

Android Chrome

Open the Chrome app. On the right, next to the address bar, tap the three-dot menu button. Click "Settings" and select "Smart Lock for Passwords" or "Passwords". Click the password you would like to remove. This will open a separate page. Then click "Delete".

iPhone Safari

Go to "Settings" and scroll down to "Passwords and Accounts". Click on "Website & App Passwords" – It will prompt you to either use Touch ID or enter your password. Click on the website and password you would like to remove. Click "Edit". Click the red "-" button to delete the record.

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