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Updated: May 18, 2023
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Joomla Resources

With more than 100 million downloads

Joomla is the second most popular open-source content management system next to WordPress. With over 200,000 community users and contributors, and thousands of extensions, Joomla offers plenty of options to build websites

Below is listed resources, extensions, and templates
Where you can access downloads, documentation, and additional resources to help you get started. Choose from an assortment of free and paid templates and modify your site with Joomla extensions


This is the home page of Joomla Project, a community of contributors to support the free and open-source Joomla CMS. Find links to get started, news and announcements, and a variety of support resources

Joomla User's Manual

If you prefer to print out a User Manual, this is the latest Official Joomla PDF release

Getting Started with Joomla

Here is a getting-started page for Joomla. It includes a useful “What is Joomla?” page, and links to the project wiki, documentation, and software downloads

Joomla Community Portal

This is the community portal for Joomla. Follow community news and announcements, and find a user group near you

Browsing Habits

The Joomla Forum

This is the main community forum site for Joomla. Access discussion boards on announcements, support questions, international support, development, and more. There are nearly 750,000 topics and 700,000 members

Joomla Extensions Directory

Use this directory to find useful extensions to modify your site. Use the search menu, or browse by categories. There are nearly 8,000 extensions available

Joomla Resources Directory

The Joomla Resources Directory exists to help you locate professional service providers so you can connect and do more with Joomla. Browse through approved listings by category or use the search to find someone near you

Joomla Documentation

An Online Community manual for Joomla users and developers, Joomla Documentation contains roughly 6,200 articles that are written, maintained, and translated by Joomla community members

Joomla Developer Network

If you’re interested in Joomla development, is a good place to start. Get access to the APIs and much more


Open Source Matters

Open Source Matters is a not-for-profit organization, created to serve the financial and legal interests of the Joomla project. Its mission is to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration

Joomla Beginners Resources


Online Videos, Tutorials and Guides for Joomla Beginners

Installation Manual

Guide to installing Joomla

Beginners Guide

Online documentation for Joomla Beginners

Quick Start

Joomla 1.5 Quickstart guide - PDF

Build a Website with Joomla

Covering the following topics: Domain Names, Website Hosting Services, Install Joomla, Write an article, Organize your content into categories, Create new Web Pages, Administrators Panel, Change the Look with Templates, Expand your Sites functionality with Extensions


Welcome Message

Allow a professional feel to your site by showing a welcome message to your users when they log in for the first time at your site

Two Factor Authentication

Use Two Factor Authentication to improve your site’s security with one more layer and improve security against hackers


This extension was created to offer a more effective and stylish way to link to profile pages on popular social networks. The module is highly customizable and can be displayed on multiple types of template positions

DP Calendar

Here is a Joomla calendar extension that allows browsing of your events without the need to refresh the page. Switch between month, week, or day view without page load delays

Content Filter

Content Filter sorts the content of an article according to a user’s Joomla user group. It lets you show content to some and hide content from others


Komento lets you transform your Joomla’s commenting system, giving you the freedom to engage with your communities and voice your mind. Specify what users or user groups can do when commenting. You are in full control in managing user activities

OT Testimonials Slider

OT Testimonials Slider helps you to show testimonials from customers, readers, and other users


Turn Joomla CMS into a full-fledged, Social-Networking site

Community Builder

The Social Community for Joomla

paGO Commerce

The easiest ecommerce extension


One of the most trusted Ecommerce extensions


Offering a complete set of tools that you can use to avoid being hacked

Joomla Content Editor

Is a set of tools for your Joomla environment that gives you the power to create the kind of content that you need

Phoca Gallery

A Robust image gallery. Connect your Face Book and Flickr galleries too


From the creators of Front Page Slide Show and Simple ImageGallery


A Customizable Joomla Site-map tool for Google and Bing


Joomla Templates

From TemplateMonster, Some of the best and highest quality

Free Joomla Templates

Yes TemplateMonster does offer a few free templates and themes, and they are also good!!

Real Estate November

Real Estate November is built for design, interior agencies, home-staging sites, and businesses. The slider allows you to demonstrate properties quickly and easily

Vina Royal

Vina Royal is a responsive template with three style presentations. It includes shortcode support, an easy layout builder, and advanced typography

Purity III

Built on the T3 framework, Purity III is a fully responsive template. It supports Bootstrap 3 and is compatible with many third-party Joomla extensions. Easily customize with ThemeMagic or Layout Configuration, and access multiple layouts and rich typography

Light Blog

Light Blog is a useful template for a practical blog. It’s responsive and based on the Bootstrap framework. Its features include Flexslider, jComments, CSS Superfish, Google Map module, and more


Ulmus is a professional and straightforward Joomla theme, useful for creating or revamping an existing furniture or architecture site

Dream House

Dream House is a template for real estate companies, agents, and brokers. Change body color and pattern, upload a logo, and change its width and height, and change body links, typography, insert social links, copyright, Google tracking code, and more

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