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With Jorani you can deploy a workflow for the leave and overtime requests of your organization. When creating en employe, specify its line manager and this manager will receive by e-mail the leave and overtime requests of its collaborators. Then, the manager can accept or reject any leave in a click.

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Secure, reliable, affordable and incredibly fast JoraniCRM website Hosting

• Comprehensive online documentation (French and English)
• Notifications by e-mail (requested, accepted, rejected and new user)
• Leave request approval workflow (1 validator)
• Overtime request approval workflow (1 validator)
• Leave balance report (filtered by department)
• Monthly presence report
• Export to XLSX (Excel, LibreOffice) in a click (almost all pages of the application)
• HR users can edit any leave or overtime request
• Set your own contracts and leave types
• Calendars of leaves (individual, team, collaborators, etc.)
• Describe your organization in a tree structure and attach employees to entities, define a supervisor per entity
• Non working days (weekends and day offs) can be defined on a contract so as to automatically calculate the duration of a leave and to display them in the calendar
• REST API (OAuth2) fully documented and examples with PHP clients
• LDAP Authentication (OpenLDAP, AD, etc.)
• OAuth2 Authentication (only Google+ at the moment)
• Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Persian, Khmer, Vietnamese, and Turkish
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who Owns the Domain Name?
You, the applicants, are the owners of the domain name (providing you are not taking other company trademark). RSH Web Services acts as a service agency only and has no interests in or claims on the Domain. The owner (Administrative Contact) has full authority and responsibility for the Domain and how it is used.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?
No, but you should. In July 2018, Google Chrome started marking websites as “Not Secure” if it is not protected with an SSL certificate. It is all a part of making the Internet more secure. However, it is most important if you collect data or accept payments. Also, Google ranks websites with SSL certificates higher in the search results. We include free SSL with all hosting accounts.

What is a Subdomain?
It is a separate domain using your main domain and a prefix name. A subdomain is created as a folder under your root directory with the own unique content and URL. It works the same as your Domain Name. An example of a subdomain is "". The prefix name "mail" is a subdomain of the main domain "". Subdomains can be anything you choose.

What hosting services are best for a website?
Some of the most essential hosting services that are especially suited for any business or personal website include: Email addresses matching your domain, 24/7 support, state-of-the-art control panel, SSL Certificate to help protect your website and customer data.

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