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Updated: October 27, 2023
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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cPanel Tutorials Track DNS

cPanel - Advanced - Track DNS

DNS monitoring
To manage and ensure the security of the back and forth communication between Browsers, Websites and the Services they are using. Whether you are responsible for managing one or multiple website and domains, DNS monitoring can help to quickly diagnose any issues, prevent targeted attacks, and quickly identify any security breaches that might occur.

Track DNS

Domain Name Lookup

This network tool will allow a user to find out information about any IP address, domain name or run a traceroute to your website from your location

The Domain Lookup tool executes the host domain command, where domain represents a specific domain name.

This command resolves an IP address from a specified domain name, and returns general DNS information about the server.

With Privacy being so important the Domain Lookup tool no longer shows much information

To look up a domain, perform the following steps:

1) Enter the domain to look up in the Enter a domain to look up text box.

2) Click Look Up.

The domain’s mail servers and IP address will display. You can also view the domain’s DNS information under the Zone Information heading.

Trace Route

The Trace Route function traces the route that your computer takes to access your website.

This function displays how many servers through which your data passes before it reaches your website.

This information also includes the amount of time that your computer requires to reach the server.

To trace the route to your server, click Trace. The interface will display the pathways that your computer follows to reach your server.

Note: You may not possess access to this function. Contact your system administrator for more information about how to use the Trace Route function.

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