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Updated: October 27, 2023
By: RSH Web Editorial Staff

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Aliases are additional Domains that point to the same website as your account's primary domain name. This feature is useful if you have several different domain names and to be pointed to your website.
We deprecated this interface in cPanel & WHM version 100, and we removed this interface in version 106. Use the Domains interface to manage addon domains.

addon domain

For Older cPanel interfaces

Note: Before you attempt to create a domain alias You must register the domain name with a valid registrar. You must point the domain to RSH Web nameservers.

Create a New Alias

To add a domain alias, enter the domain name in the text box and click Add Domain.

To open the alias domain’s home directory with the File Manager interface click the link that corresponds to that alias under the Domain Root column of the Remove Aliases table.

When you create an addon domain, parked domain, subdomain, or main domain, the system will attempt to automatically secure that domain with the best-available existing certificate. If no certificate exists, the system will generate a self-signed certificate to secure the new domain.

If AutoSSL is enabled for the account that owns the new domain, the system will add a request for an AutoSSL certificate to secure the new domain and install it when available.

Note: You can also create Email Accounts for domain aliases.

Enable or disable domain alias redirection

To enable or disable redirection of a domain alias, perform the following steps:

Click Manage Redirection for the domain alias that you wish to manage.

To redirect the domain, enter the link to which you wish to redirect the domain alias in the text box.

Click Save. To disable the redirection, click Disable Redirection.

Remove Aliases

Note: We strongly recommend that you create a full account backup before you perform this action.

This action only removes the domain alias, its vhost entries, and its DNS entries. The system retains the alias’s directory contents.

To remove an existing domain alias, perform the following steps:

Click Remove for the alias that you wish to remove.

Click Yes to confirm that you wish to remove the domain alias. To retain the domain alias, click No.

Search aliases

To search through the list of domain aliases, enter the search criteria in the Search text box and click Go. Results that match your search criteria will populate the table.

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