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ExpressVPN was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 24, 2018 and since then this brand received 70 reviews

Taking peoples money even after no longer using

Canceled my subscription months ago and still being charged cant get a hold of customer service tryed Otp and also on the website I am highly unsatisfied
User's recommendation: Do not get.

Just trying to cancel my VPN subscription

Getting my money back as of today Thank you. I just want to get my money back from you all and cancel my prescription I don't need long statement know why I just want my money back some that's all

I'm wanting u to cancel my membership please!!! Return my money back please to my account

Please return my money back please to my account!!! I don't want a membership/subscription anymore!!! I'll definitely be waiting to see my refund amount back onto my account please

One free trial month turned out to be a 24 month subsrciption

Hi I live in Finland. I was interested in watching Swedish channels. I signed up for a free one month trial for ExpressVPN. They charged me 87 euros right away. Soon enough I found out that the channels I wanted to watch were not possible to watch through this service. I gave notice to ExpressVPN within a week that I want to cancel my subscription. Now they have answered subscription ends 11/22 in Nowember Don User's recommendation
DonĀ“t trust ExpressVPN

Frustrating costumer service

Since they don't have phone lines open to costumers, everything has to be resolved on chats. Boy do i hate chats... it took forever and it was never resolved. Took hours of my life and the frustration mounted. Will not refund me if cancelled. It is a rip off
User's recommendation: dont have an auto re signup. Dont deal with a company w no phones

They are a horrible company

I would never use them again. They have one of the worst Support systems. You cannot get anything done and if you complain they simply black ball your account and you cannot sign-in. If you cannot sign-in you are out of luck. The software will never work again. Other reviews say they will never refund your money, and they continue to charge your credit. Do Not Purchase from these NOT card. acount when you quit
User's recommendation: Do not purchase from this company

Express VPN doesn't do much!

It ONLY took my money and didn't provide the isolation and protection that I specifically needed. Very frustrated in trying to uninstall and the links to get support or chat on their web site go into endless rotating sun. I can hear them laughing at me as I keep trying to get help. Sad
User's recommendation: Cheap, try your next option for VPN

Charge on my credit card

I just received a charge on my credit card ending in 4059 Mark Pierce i have not used your service please remove the charge 59.99 from my account Thanks Mark Pierce
User's recommendation: check your credit card charges.


i cancelled my subscription to expressvpn before the free trial was up and it's been charging me since august. had to talk to three people to even get them to agree to refund me for the most recent billing. and when i asked for corporate's contact info, they "didn't have that information". they plain out refused to give me an email or phone number to corporate, which every business is required to have on hand for customers

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